WoW SoD: What to Do With Waylaid Supplies in Classic Season of Discovery

Risk and reward.

Screenshot of a Supply Officer in WoW SoD Season of Discovery.
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As you kill enemies and loot chests in World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery, you’ll sometimes come across Waylaid Supplies, a new seasonal item. Here’s what to do with Waylaid Supplies in WoW SoD.

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How to Use Waylaid Supplies in WoW SoD

Once you’ve got a set of Waylaid Supplies, if you hover over it in your inventory, you’ll see that it says to “deliver to a Supply Officer for a reward, or replace the missing goods for a larger reward.” This means that you have two options, with the latter being more of a timesink, but both require you to deliver the item to a Supply Officer.

You can find a Supply Officer in each major city, regardless of whether you chose Alliance or Horde. They are typically found outside of the Auction House. You can spot a Supply Officer easily if you have Waylaid Supplies in your inventory as a blue question mark appears above their head.

Each Waylaid Supplies you pick up has an optional task for a higher turn-in reward, which asks you to deliver a specific number of items to replace the missing items in the shipment. So it’s up to you whether you want to do this before handing it into a Supply Officer.

Alliance Supply Officer Locations in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

Alliance players can find a Supply Officer at the following locations and coordinates:

  • Stormwind (Elaine Compton): Just to the left of the door to the Auction House (65, 61).
  • Ironforge (Tamelyn Aldridge): Standing by some wooden boxes in The Commons (25, 68).
  • Darnassus (Marcy Baker): Directly opposite the Auction House, standing next to some wooden boxes (59, 56).

Horde Supply Officer Locations in WoW SoD

For Horde players, a Supply Officer is found at these locations and coordinates:

  • Orgrimmar (Jornah): Standing beside wooden crates in the Valley of Strength (51, 63).
  • The Undercity (Gishah): Next to the General Trade Supplier in the center of The Undercity (65, 39).
  • Thunder Bluff (Dokimi): In front of a massive piece of tanned leather (39, 53).

WoW Classic doesn’t display coordinates automatically, so if you want to use them, you’ll need to install an add-on. My favorite one is MapCoords by JimBim89 on Curseforge.

All Waylaid Supplies in WoW Season of Discovery

There are 42 types of Waylaid Supplies in WoW SoD, each with its own additional task for a higher reward. Waylaid Supplies are found at random, so you can’t choose which one to hand in. You can also only carry one at any one time.

Every Waylaid Supplies type and what you need to hand in for the maximum reward when giving it to a Supply Officer is as follows:

Waylaid SuppliesItems Needed for Full Reward
Waylaid Supplies: Brilliant Smallfish20 Brilliant Smallfish
Waylaid Supplies: Bronze Bars12 Bronze Bars
Waylaid Supplies: Brown Linen PantsSix Brown Linen Pants
Waylaid Supplies: Brown Linen RobesFour Brown Linen Robes
Waylaid Supplies: Bruiseweed20 Bruiseweed
Waylaid Supplies: Copper Bars20 Copper Bars
Waylaid Supplies: Copper ShortswordsSix Copper Shortswords
Waylaid Supplies: Dark Leather CloaksTwo Dark Leather Cloaks
Waylaid Supplies: Elixir of Firepower15 Elixirs of Firepower
Waylaid Supplies: Embossed Leather VestsThree Embossed Leather Vests
Waylaid Supplies: Goblin Deviled ClamsEight Goblin Deviled Clams
Waylaid Supplies: Gray Woolen ShirtsFour Gray Woolen Shirts
Waylaid Supplies: Handstitched Leather BeltsFive Handstitched Leather Belts
Waylaid Supplies: Healing Potions10 Healing Potions
Waylaid Supplies: Heavy Linen Bandages10 Heavy Linen Bandages
Waylaid Supplies: Heavy Wool Bandages15 Heavy Wool Bandages
Waylaid Supplies: Herb Baked Eggs20 Herb Baked Eggs
Waylaid Supplies: Hillman’s ShouldersTwo Hillman’s Shoulders
Waylaid Supplies: Lesser Magic WandsTwo Lesser Magic Wands
Waylaid Supplies: Lesser Mana Potions20 Lesser Mana Potions
Waylaid Supplies: Light Leather14 Light Leather
Waylaid Supplies: Medium Leather12 Medium Leather
Waylaid Supplies: Minor Healing Potions20 Minor Healing Potions
Waylaid Supplies: Minor Mana OilTwo Minor Mana Oil
Waylaid Supplies: Minor Wizard OilTwo Minor Wizard Oil
Waylaid Supplies: Ornate SpyglassesTwo Ornate Spyglasses
Waylaid Supplies: Peacebloom20 Peacebloom
Waylaid Supplies: Pearl-clasped CloaksThree Pearl-clasped Cloaks
Waylaid Supplies: Rough BoomsticksThree Rough Boomsticks
Waylaid Supplies: Rough Bronze BootsThree Rough Bronze Boots
Waylaid Supplies: Rough Copper Bombs12 Rough Copper Bombs
Waylaid Supplies: Rough Stone10 Rough Stone
Waylaid Supplies: Runed Copper PantsThree Runed Copper Pants
Waylaid Supplies: Runed Silver RodsOne Runed Silver Rod
Waylaid Supplies: Silver BarsSix Silver Bars
Waylaid Supplies: Silver Skeleton Keys14 Silver Skeleton Keys
Waylaid Supplies: Silverleaf20 Silverleaf
Waylaid Supplies: Small Bronze Bombs12 Small Bronze Bombs
Waylaid Supplies: Smoked Bear Meat20 Smoked Bear Meat
Waylaid Supplies: Smoked Sagefish15 Smoked Sagefish
Waylaid Supplies: Spiced Wolf Meat20 Spiced Wolf Meat
Waylaid Supplies: Swiftthistle20 Swiftthistle

Is the Waylaid Supplies Larger Reward Worth it?

When possible, I would highly recommend completing the optional task and handing in the extra items. If you do, you’ll get more Silver pieces from the Supply Officer, which are especially invaluable in the early game. You’ll also get additional Reputation.

Now that you know what to do with your Waylaid Supplies, learn how to get Runes for your character in WoW SoD.

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