How to Find Runes in WoW: Season of Discovery

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Runes are a new addition to the Season of Discovery servers in World of Warcraft Classic, which can add completely new effects to your usual gameplay. They are hidden through many different areas and side objectives around the world, and getting them is usually not an easy task.

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What Are Runes in Season of Discovery?

Runes are a new mechanic introduced in the special Season of Discovery servers in WoW Classic. All characters can engrave Runes after creation, and they must be obtained before you can engrave them in their appropriate equipment slot (Chest, Gloves, Pants, etc). Runes grant you a new skill or an upgrade to an existing one, making for even more build variety.

These skills range from abilities obtained in further expansions to completely new movements exclusive to this version of the game. Engraving a Rune has no cost, and the only requirement is finding the Rune itself first. They’re equipment-reliant, so if you change your equipment or if it breaks, you lose that Rune effect. There’s no cost for engraving Runes, however, so you’re free to change them as you please.

How to Get Runes in Season of Discovery

Runes are obtained in many different methods in the game, such as dropping them directly from monsters to completing small tasks that aren’t exactly explained in the game. Some classes may have some other prerequisites before actually getting their first runes, such as the Priest’s praying mechanics or Mages having to complete a certain quest before finding their Runes.

The “discovery” aspect is the main thing here as none of the obtaining methods for runes are explicitly displayed at any point in the game, with rare exceptions being some quests that display them as their rewards. But most of them are mostly focused on certain field activities.

Many runes are dropped from enemies, while others require things like defrosting a monster you find around the map, completing a series of different tasks at many different points or simply finding and looting them somewhere in the map.

So the main method of finding these runes will be to ask around and share what you know with other players. This is an MMO, after all, and the multiplayer aspect is aggravated here. Or you could just look at some guides to get some early info on those. You might still need some help to locate some enemies such as the Wandering Swordsman, for example, so try not to avoid people in your journey.

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