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Is it Worth it to Download eFootball? – Answered

What's stopping you from downloading eFootball when it's for free?

eFootball, formerly known as Pro Evolution Soccer and later PES, has been a fan-favorite football game series since its inception in the mid-90s, where it had a couple of other titles. With the release of eFootball 2023, Konami has made significant changes to the game, including a shift to free-to-play. 

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In this article, we will explore whether downloading eFootball is worth it and if you should spend any playing time on the game.

First Impression of eFootball

When Konami announced that eFootball would be free-to-play, many fans were skeptical but thrilled to get a free triple-A football simulator. In the beginning, it was clear there was a lot of work to do for the developers, and their usual feel was missing in some places where the game felt as if it took a few steps back. 

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Thankfully, the game saw major improvements and amendments since its initial release. The latest version, Season 3, is much better than the first release. While it may feature few groundbreaking graphics and stunning cutscenes, eFootball provides players with a quality platform to enjoy playing football for free.

Training with clubs in eFootball 2023
eFootball In-Game (Screenshot: eFootball Season 3)

Game Modes

eFootball 2023 offers many game modes, including Events and building your ultimate Dream Team. A major boost for players who have ventured down Winning XI is that the legendary Master League mode will return as paid DLC with the latest update. 

Dream Team is the game’s flagship mode now, which allows players to create and manage their own teams from the ground up. The gameplay and graphics in the game are impressive and provide players with a realistic football simulation experience, and it keeps improving with each significant update.

It is returning to the football simulator we fell in love with all that years ago, giving you even more reason to spend your time downloading and playing it. 

eFootball 2023 | In-Game Main Menu
In-Game Main Menu (Screenshot: eFootball)

In-game Menu and Interface

The eFootball Hub menu can take some time to get used to, and it could be more user-friendly for new players. However, after a few wrong selections, players will eventually learn to navigate the hub and complete challenges quickly to gain better player items for building their squad.

Comparing eFootball Season 1 & 2 & Welcoming Season 3 

Konami significantly improved the game between Season 1 and Season 2, with the big World Cup update showcasing significant improvements in gameplay and graphics, giving players extra events to look forward to, matching the World Cup in real-time. With Season 3 now in play and back to club action, eFootball is better than ever.

Overall, eFootball 2023 has received generally positive reviews from fans and critics alike. The game provides a free-to-play platform for players to enjoy football simulation that takes advantage of the latest tech.

eFootball 2023 | gameplay graphics
Gameplay graphics (Screenshot: eFootball)

Yes, eFootball Is Worth All the Playing Time!

Now, more than ever, it is worth downloading eFootball and keeping it on your system for a long while. The initial release saw many trials and errors and hits and misses. However, with time and tireless work behind the scenes, all the significant updates and new game modes added, FIFA or soon-to-be EA Sports FC‘s biggest rivals are closing the gap on them again. 

eFootball 2023 is worth downloading for fans looking for a free-to-play triple-A football simulation. It offers a close-to-realistic experience, all of your favorite football stars in the game today and of the past and has plenty of game modes.

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