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Can You Play With All Clubs in eFootball Season 3? – Answered

Konami switches back to Clubs action with eFootball Season 3.

by Ashley Anthony
eFootball 2023. Wallpaper

The answer you seek to this timeless question, “can you play with all clubs?” (timeless because we are always looking for the cheat codes to get all the teams whenever there is a new PES release) is not just a simple yes or no. 

In truth, the short answer to this is yes and no. Yes, it sounds like a massive bamboozle, but we are not so lucky this time and must be creative. Honestly, let’s just be happy with what Konami offers, with it being a free triple-A title. 

So let’s start with the good news, how to get all the clubs in eFootball Season 3. After that, dive into the bad.

Training with clubs in eFootball 2023
An image of eFootball free training. Screenshot: eFootball 2023

So How Can You Play With Any Club In eFootball?

For years we’ve been blessed to receive downloadable files to improve the experience, but we have to settle this time and just hope with time, Komani can improve their licenses with clubs and players; it should be a priority now with FIFA and EA Sports’ breakup.

It’s all fair game now in 2023 and beyond!

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So, to Play With Any Club on eFootball Season 3, You Need To:

Step 1: Extras and Training

On the home screen, look for “Extras” in the top right-hand corner. Move the selector to Extras with the joystick and select “Training.”

Main Hub in eFootball 2023 Season 3
An image of the Extras tab Screenshot: eFootball 2023

Step 2: Free Training Selection

Once the Training mode has loaded, select “Free Training.” Here, you will hear the whistle to kickoff training, and the moment you hear the whistle, press pause. 

eFootball 2023 Training Settings Menu
An image of the Extras Options. Screenshot: eFootball 2023

Step 3: Option Menu Changes

In the pause menu, select “Settings” at the bottom of the screen. Once in Settings, you will see a list of options on the right side of the screen with the first option, “Training Settings.” Press select, and a list of options for setting up the training will appear. 

Scroll down to “Change AI Team players” and click on the tab; a meter will show. Increase the number from 1 to 11 on the meter and exit Change AI Team players. Return one window to the Training Settings after completing this step.

AI Team Players - Training Settings menu of eFootball 2023
An image of Training Settings “AI Team Players.” Screenshot: eFootball 2023

Step 4: Home and Away Selection

In the Training Setting menu, scroll down to the home and away selection. Here you can choose the clubs you want to play with and against. You will notice that you can pick more teams to play with in Free Training. 

After deciding what club you are playing with, return to the Free Training and start your kickabout.

AI Teams Free Training selection in eFootball 2023
An image of team selection in Training Settings. Screenshot: eFootball

The Setback in All of this for eFootball Fans

The significant setback in all this is only a major issue if you are anal about playing with clubs in their real kits, with proper names, etc., etc. If not, eFootball’s lack of licenses for clubs shouldn’t bother you at all. 

Despite doing all the work mentioned above, like it’s a cheat code or unlock all code; you can only play with all clubs in the training mode and free training. They will not be available in other game modes. 

Adding more misery: there is no match time, so a “match” must be manually timed.

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