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Worst Wordle Starting Words to Use

Just in case you want to make things difficult for yourself.

by Nikola L

Wordle is a viral online puzzle game. It’s very simple, easy to grasp, there is virtually no entry bar, and it doesn’t take more than five minutes each day out of your daily routine. Josh Wardle is to blame for this, and we thank him, as Wordle has crept into our offices as well. We have decided to help you beat your peers and help you form a more optimal strategy that will lead you to victory faster. Yes, we know that this is a single-player game, but it doesn’t stop people from comparing their results and chasing win streaks. Prima Games presents Worst Wordle Starting Words to Use.

Bad Wordle Starting Words You Should Not Use

The English language is quite rich with words that have exactly five letters, and that’s where the beauty of the game is. Now, nobody expects you to pull out an answer on your first try. This is a hide and seek puzzle of sorts, which gives you six attempts to guess the word each day and gives you three types of hints:

  • Green-colored letter: correct letter in the correct position. Do not move it (it does not say if the word has more of them though!)
  • Yellow-colored letter: Correct letter in the wrong position, try moving it.
  • Gray-colored letter: Letter isn’t a part of today’s word.

So, when you draw a spreadsheet of all words that qualify to be a solution for Wordle, you can count what letters are most common, or in this article’s case, the LEAST common.

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One of the worst words is definitely “Xylyl”. X and Y are very rare letters in English words in general, and you are only using three different letters to build the word, essentially wasting your attempt since it will not yield much information. Here are 20 of the worst words to start your Wordle Conquest with which you should most definitely avoid (even if they become a solution one day, there are better ways to start the search).

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  • Aflaj
  • Fizzy
  • Fuffy
  • Fuzzy
  • Glyph
  • Immix
  • Imshi
  • Jeeze
  • Jugum
  • Lymph
  • Mamma
  • Phpht
  • Puppy
  • Pzazz
  • Qajaq
  • Queue
  • Sooey
  • Xylyl
  • Yummy
  • Zizit

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