Best Wordle Starting Words To Use

Optimize your Wordle strategy with these easy steps.

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Wordle mania apparently does not stop, and a lot of lovers of this New York Times Puzzle created by Josh Wardle just can’t get enough of it. People from all over the world show off their winning streaks, how fast they solve each Wordle puzzle at work, in school, at university, and even on Reddit! To get your game started in the right direction, there are a few good Wordle starting words you can use. Prima Games is always there to help its readers in need and we are here to help you optimize your strategy so that you can start your every Wordle puzzle in the best, most optimal way. Of course, with the help of science (mostly mathematics, statistics, and some linguistics) certain strategies for the best starting words for Wordle have been developed. Find out more below.

Most Optimal Starting Words to Use in Wordle

Contrary to our article about the Worst Wordle Starting Words to Use, we have also done research on the best starting words for Wordle. When you gather all possible five-letter words in the English language, there are some noticeable tendencies that stand out. What we are talking about are vowels and certain that consonants appear more than others (For example, B, C, G, L, N, R, S, T). Keeping this in mind, some words are a good starting point for you to probe out what the answer for today’s Wordle might be.

List of the 22 Best Words to Start Wordle

Below we will post 22 different starting words for Wordle that are among the best. On average, these will yield a decent result.
We have highlighted the 12 starting words that can be counted as “Premium” for a variety of reasons, which we explain:

  • Adept
  • Adieu – One of the rare words that have four vowels. You can, for example, follow up with “Story” right after and you have “tested” ALL vowels and a lot of commonly found consonants.
  • Audio – Also has four vowels.
  • Canoe
  • Close
  • Crane
  • Depot
  • Irate – One of the top words.
  • Lance
  • Leant
  • Ouija – Also popular due to having four vowels.
  • Raise – Raise has the three most common vowels and two most common consonants. A lot of people have the opinion that Raise is the best starting word for Wordle. It is good to follow up with Flout, Count, or Clout to test the other two vowels.
  • Recap
  • Roate
  • Slate
  • Slice
  • Soare
  • Stare
  • Trace
  • Train
  • Trice
  • Tried

We hope that this list will help you optimize your strategy in the future. Make sure to bookmark our Wordle Game Tag here on Prima Games if you need assistance since we publish hints for Wordle every single day for our readers.

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