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World of Warcraft (WoW) Classic Dungeons by Level Requirements

by Nicholas Barth

It is no secret World of Warcraft (WoW) Classic has taken over the video game community this past week. From one player claiming the title of the first player to reach level 60 in the world to plenty of exciting adventures being taken on by millions of players around the globe, it is safe to say that the return of World of Warcraft Classic has shown once again how it is able to grab the attention of so many people seamlessly. This ability to draw in players has led to plenty of new individuals trying out World of Warcraft Classic who had never played WoW before. With this in mind, we have decided to gather together the level requirements for all of the game’s dungeons to help newer players know precisely when their characters can tackle some of the most exciting activities the high-profile game has to offer. 

World of Warcraft (WoW) Classic Dungeons by Level Requirements

There are 19 total dungeons available for players to experience in the Classic version of WoW. Each of these WoW dungeons has level requirement players will have to meet to be able to enter the dungeon and complete it. These activities are also split into Alliance and Horde affiliations. This Alliance and Horde split does not mean a player from either of the factions can not play a dungeon for another camp. It does mean though that you will have to make your way through enemy territory to get to the dungeon’s location. You also will not have any quests associated with the dungeon. However, it will still be a profitable manner when it comes to gaining experience and leveling your World of Warcraft Classic character up. 

World of Warcraft WoW Classic Dungeons by Level

You can find all of the WoW Classic dungeons listed by their level requirements below:

  • Ragefire Chasm – 8
  • The Deadmines – 10
  • Wailing Caverns – 10
  • Shadowfang Keep – 14
  • The Stockade – 15
  • Blackfathom Deeps – 15
  • Gnomeregan – 19
  • Razorfen Downs – 25
  • Uldaman – 30
  • Zul’Farrak – 35
  • Maraudon – 35
  • Temple of Atal’hakkar (The Sunken Temple) – 35
  • Blackrock Depths – 40
  • Blackrock Spire – 45
  • Dire Maul – 45
  • Stratholme – 45
  • Scholomance – 45

Players will be able to enter and play these various World of Warcraft Classic dungeons once they meet the Wow level requirements above. However, this is only the minimum level players have to be at to play the World of Warcraft Classic dungeons. This is why players may find much more success in completing these WoW dungeons by tackling them when they are multiple levels higher than the minimum level requirement. Being a higher level than necessary will make sure your Warcraft character is powerful enough to defeat any foes you meet on your dungeon adventures.

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