Wordle Hints and Solution for August 14th 2022 (#421)

This word is one of the most difficult ones.

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Hello there! You must have stumbled upon this article on Prima Games because you are having issues with today’s Wordle.
We feel you, we feel you, do not worry. We are here to help you maintain your successful streak of solving this daily word puzzle. As seen in the subtitle, we really worked hard to figure out the Wordle Word for August 14, 2022 and we somehow managed to get it on the last try, so Wordle #421 Solution was really hard to get.

Wordle #421 Solution and Hints for August 14th, 2022

Hint 1:

It is a shade of color that is popular in both civil and military fashion, used in design for trenchcoats, pants, shorts, military uniforms, suits, you name it.

Hint 2:

There are a couple of shades of it that are well known. We will name four, and provide hexadecimal and RGB color coordinates for each of them if you want to put it in a tool and perhaps figure out today’s word like this:

  • Light XXXXX (#F0E68C or 240,230,140)
  • Default XXXXX (#C3B091 or 195,176,145)
  • Dark XXXXX (#BDB76B or 189,183,107)
  • Green XXXXX (#728639 or 114,134,57)

Hint 3:

Canadians had a University (named after this color) that was active for a couple of years in World War 1 and World War 2.

What is the Deal with Wordle and Why is There So Much Hype?

Josh Wardle is responsible for this addicting word puzzle, and yes, he gave it a name based on his last name. Indeed, a clever wordplay, with very similar pronunciation. He is a known software engineer who is also responsible for Reddit’s /r/place, where millions of people work together (or against each other in some cases) to draw pixel art on a large scale.

Wordle is hosted on The New York Times website and it quickly became a viral hit, becoming a daily routine for many people worldwide.

Anyway, today’s word is KHAKI. Stay tuned to Prima Games tomorrow as well, we’ll make sure to provide more help and solutions.

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