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Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus – How to Play the Enigma Machine Mini-Game

by Josh Hawkins

There is a ton of great content for players to enjoy in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, and while you may not come across everything during your first playthrough, there are always little gems waiting to be discovered the next time you play. The game’s Uberkommandant missions are one of these hidden gems, and we’ve already told you how to get the Enigma Codes that you need to unlock these special missions, but today we’ll show you how to actually complete the Enigma mini-games which you’ll have to complete if you want to unlock the mission on the Enigma Machine in Wolfenstein 2.

How to Play the Enigma Machine Mini-Game

Once you have unlocked the Enigma Machine, head to the tutorial section to find out how to play the mini-game. This area will give you a very brief explanation of the game, an explanation that we will build off of in this article.

So, once you’ve learned how to unlock Uberkommandant missions, and you’ve scored yourself some Enigma codes, be sure to head over to the Enigma Machine and choose the Uberkommandant mission that you want to unlock and take part in. With the mission selected, you’ll now have to complete the Enigma Machine mini-game, and if you fail, you’ll lose out on any Enigma Codes that you put into the machine to unlock the mission.

The first thing to take note of when playing through the Enigma Machine mini-game is the fact that the timer starts immediately. This means you won’t have time to sit around and think about what you’re going to do. Instead, you’ll need to jump right on the case and start working to complete the mini-game. There will be two sections, one on top and one on the bottom. Each section will be made up of two rows of symbols. The top section is the example, and the bottom section is the actual puzzle that you’ll need to solve. Your overall goal here is to make the bottom section match the top, thereby solving the enigma.

Each of the two rows in the sections are also made up of five columns. When you first start the far left column on the top will be highlighted, while the center column in the bottom section will be highlighted. Your goal here is to make the center column match the far left. Once you line up the symbols correctly, the next columns will be highlighted, and you’ll need to solve that column to make it match up.

Just continue that process until you complete the mini-game and have solved all of the different columns to match up with the top section. It’s a pretty simple process, and while some of the solutions may not be as easy as others, just do your best, and overtime you’ll get better at reading out the symbols and solving them. Once you’ve unlocked the mission, plot a course for the Uberkommandant’s location and head out to begin your mission to take down another Nazi leader.

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