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Will Starfield have Multiplayer Functionality? – Answered

We have no friends in the distant stars

by Patrick Souza
Starfield Multiplayer

The upcoming RPG title from Bethesda has finally received its release date. Starfield should be here around September 6, 2023, so there’s still a lot of time to consider getting it. And it’s completely understandable if you just decide to nope your way out of it after what they did with Fallout 76.

But humans learn from their mistakes (or they should, at least), so things should be better in the future, right? Right?! Only the future will truly tell. But what will be their approach regarding multiplayer in their new space-themed game, Starfield?

Does Starfield Have Multiplayer Mode? – Answered

Starfield is a single-player-only campaign, and there are currently no plans on adding a Multiplayer mode. This is more in line with other titles like Fallout 4 which also focused solely on a lone (but far from boring) experience throughout the whole game.

The absence of multiplayer for Starfield has been known for a while now, as developers have already mentioned back in 2020 in a general interview about Bethesda. When Game Director Todd Howard mentions the game, he claims it to be a “single-player game” with no mentions of multiplayer made anywhere else.

The newest trailer that revealed the release date didn’t mention anything about multiplayer either, so it’s safe to assume that three years later, the same stance about the matter continues. 

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This might also be another way of redeeming themselves for Fallout 76, as one of its main complaints was being locked in online mode. It’s not like playing with more people is a hindrance, but players should be able to choose how to enjoy the game for that given moment.

So for the time being, it seems that Starfield will continue to be exclusively a single-player experience, but there’s still the Starfield Direct happening on June 11, revealing more details and possibly another trailer for the game. If it happens to have multiplayer, it should be announced there.

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