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It’s official: GTA 6 will soon receive its first trailer in December. Rockstar definitely took their time before announcing the sixth main entry in their iconic series, but will it receive a version dedicated to the good and old PS4?

Will GTA 6 Be Available for the PS4?

Although there’s no official confirmation from Rockstar yet, GTA 6 will likely not be released for the PS4. While it’s still common to see ports for the previous generation Sony console, the company announced last year that no more games will be released for it by 2025. GTA 6 doesn’t have an official release date yet, but if it ends up being released around that time, it’ll probably not be hitting the last-gen consoles.

Chances are that Rockstar won’t be even considering making a PS4 port. It wouldn’t be worth the effort as the market is quickly shifting completely to the PS5 era.

Another piece of evidence would be the discontinued support for GTA Online in the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. The older-gen servers were shut down back in 2021, and it’ll eventually also happen to the PS4. Not for now, of course, but we know it’ll happen someday. Lending players to the next console early makes for a more comfortable transition in the future.

But it’s not like no more new games will be landing on the PS4 in the future. We still have some scheduled titles for the console in the next year, but these will probably be less common as time passes. Certain titles in 2023 already excluded PS4 from the availability list, which will probably be a growing trend for the next years. GTA 6 might just be one of the big titles to do so. We’ll see more when we finally get the trailer.

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