When is The GTA 6 Official Trailer Releasing?

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rockstar games announces gta 6 | first-reveal trailer| december 2023
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Rockstar Games announces that Grand Theft Auto fans will get their first peek at GTA 6 in a full-reveal trailer coming next month. Let’s discuss all we know about the coming of the next title in the GTA series.

When Will Rockstar Games Release the Official GTA 6 Trailer?

Rockstar’s president, Sam Houser, confirmed they have plans on releasing the official trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI in early December. There is no official date, but early predictions point in one direction. We’ll discuss this prediction later in the write-up.

This is particularly exciting news, considering everyone working on the next GTA title has remained tight-lipped. After a long period of no news, we’ve now received back-to-back stories to first entice us and then confirm that there is in fact a new GTA title coming soon. Outside of some leaks, we really haven’t heard a peepe from official channels, until today.

Predicting When Rockstar Will Release the GTA VI Trailer 

There are a couple of important dates that align next month. Early December could mean the reveal of the highly anticipated GTA VI trailer is at the The Game Awards, showcasing December 7.

While typically Rockstar doesn’t reveal trailers during gaming press conferences, awards shows, etc, it still is a perfect place for them to do it. Rockstar has the brand recognition to dominate the news cycle even with just a simple tweet, so it remains to be seen exactly where this will show up. Stranger things have happened.

It does come as a surprise, however, that they’re not waiting until November 28 to announce the game and reveal the first bit of GTA 6 gameplay. November 28 is the official release date of the very first Grand Theft Auto.

This was all the way back in 1997. Nonetheless, next month poses a bigger milestone for the successful game publisher.

Rockstar Games Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

In December, Rockstar Games celebrates its 25th anniversary. An easy way to show fans what the future of the series has in store.

This, coupled with the fact that the Game Awards is in the first part of December, makes all sense why Rockstar will reveal the official trailer next month. It is only fitting that the gaming giants display one of the most anticipated releases in the Rockstar Games franchise on the biggest stage in the gaming industry.

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