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Will Diablo IV have a Battle Pass? – Answered

Slay in style... for a price

by Daphne Fama
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Diablo IV is your favorite grimdark game that puts gore into gorgeous. But with its release date still being quite a way away, you might be wondering about the ripples of a battle pass being included. Here’s your answer to will Diablo IV have a Battle Pass (answered).

Will Diablo IV have a Battle Pass? – Answered

I’ll be honest. I love Lilith and the world she created. She might be devilish in her motivations, but doesn’t she deserve a little war? Don’t we, the offspring of the Nephalems, owe her a little bloodshed? And with the inclusion of a Battle Pass, you might be able to do that in style. If you’re willing to fork up real world cash.

In an interview with PC Gamer, associate game director Joe Piepiora revealed that Diablo IV would be receiving a battle pass system. This battle pass will have a free track, which will offer players things like XP boosts, and a premium track which will offer cosmetic rewards.

“You’re looking at roughly 80 hours’ worth of time invested to complete the entirety of the battle pass,” Piepiora stated. And while that seems like quite a time investment, the developers don’t want you to feel obligated to play the game forever.

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“One thing I do want to make sure it’s really clear is we’re not trying to create a situation where players feel that they must play forever,” Piepiora said. “We want players who play Diablo 4 to play and enjoy the experience while they’re playing the game.”

Seasons, which had their place in Diablo III, will also be returning. This means that you’ll start a new seasonal character and level them from 1 to 100 each time. It’s a grinder’s dream, but this system is meant to allow players to experiment with builds.

Diablo IV will be released on June 6. If you can’t wait for that, why not check out some of our Diablo content here: Sanctuary’s Best Dressed: Diablo 4 Beta’s Most Hellish Transmogs.

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