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Diablo 4: How to Get the Temptation Mount

Spend money that's how

by Lucas White

Diablo IV is set to come out this summer, and while it remains to be seen if that’ll actually happen, that’s what’s on paper now. And there’s a round of beta testing coming up very soon, which means at least the game is playable in some form or another. And speaking of that beta testing, pre-ordering the game can get you early access. On top of that, depending on what edition of the game you pre-order you can get a Temptation Mount for your game, among other bonuses. So here’s how to get the Temptation Mount in Diablo IV.

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How to Get the Temptation Mount in Diablo 4

Again, the Temptation Mount is, at this moment, a bonus you get for tossing money down on special editions of Diablo IV. That means if you just pony up the dollars for the standard edition of the game, you will not be able to get your hands on this strange, evil unicorn thing. Is it worth your extra money? I guess it depends on how much you like the idea of riding around on a vaguely sinister horse. I imagine mileage varies on this one.

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Luckily, if the Temptation Mount is all you care about, it comes with both the Digital Deluxe Edition and the Ultimate Edition. Either fancy version of Diablo IV will get you this incredibly creative item, so whether you want to spend 80 or 90 bucks on a bag of digital knick-knacks, you’ll get your hell horsey. You’ll also get stuff for other games like World of Warcraft and Diablo III, which seems like questionable bonuses for spending extra money on Diablo IV, but what do I know? I’m writing a bunch of white noise for robots so I can avoid starving to death for a few more weeks at a time. Stones and glass houses, you know.

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