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Sanctuary’s Best Dressed: Diablo 4 Beta’s Most Hellish Transmogs

Presenting the most glamorous demon slayers in Sanctuary

by Daphne Fama

Diablo 4’s Open Beta hit hard earlier this March, with players immediately immersing themselves in the bleak world of Sanctuary. But between killing Fiends and dying to Butchers, players managed to create some wicked transmogs.

Sanctuary’s Best Dressed: Diablo 4 Beta’s Most Hellish Transmogs

Diablo IV’s beta gave players a chance to try out all five playable classes: barbarian, sorceress, druid, rogue, and necromancer. But an infographic from Diablo developers proved that certain classes were a little more popular than others, with sorcerers and necromancers taking the lead.

Who can blame them? They were easily the best classes, and many of the Twitter users who were happy to show off their regalia fell into these categories.

The Best Dresses Sorcerers in Diablo IV

Absolutely enchanting both on and off the battlefield, Sorcerers prove that beauty and bloodshed are the perfect combination.

The Best Dressed Necromancers in Diablo IV

Necromancer players proved that you can be rotten and fresh all at once.

The Best Dressed Barbarian in Diablo IV

While Barbarians felt underpowered in the beta, they certainly flexed their fits here.

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The Best Dressed Rogues in Diablo IV

The rogues have slunk out of the shadows to show off some truly cutthroat style.

The Best Dressed Druid in Diablo IV

As for Druids, well. Like in the Beta, they proved to be an endangered species. Hopefully, we’ll see fits once Diablo IV opens the gates to hell on June 6.

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