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Study Shows Texas May Be the Rage Quit Capital of America

gg go next, partner.

by Matt Vatankhah

Peripherals are expensive these days, with brand-new PlayStation 5 and Xbox controllers costing as much as premium AAA titles, and swanky mechanical keyboards priced even higher. Though, that doesn’t seem to bother Texan gamers who, according to a recent study by online casino site Datslots, appear to be going through controllers like they go through the number two special from Whataburger.

Everything’s bigger in Texas, eh?

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America’s Top Ten Rage Quittin’ States

The Datslots study analyzed Google search data for Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo controllers in an effort to find out which states have the highest demand for new peripherals, and thus, have concluded that Texans are most likely to break their controllers in classic fits of Gamer Rage.

Top ten states with controller searches per 100,00 people | Data via Datslots

The data breaks down each state’s monthly average of Google searches per 100k residents, showing that Texans have yet another trophy to mount on their walls with a whoppin’ 603.04 searches per 100,000 residents. Yeehaw!

Nevada and Illinois make up the second and third spots respectively, while Ohio, Arizona, and Michigan rank last in the top ten. Sheesh, what’s going on in the western side of the country?

Coming in dead last at the 49th and 50th spots are Alaska and Hawaii respectively. Which makes perfect sense, really, as Hawaii’s a lush paradise full of waterfalls and surfing, while Alaska is the inspiration for pretty much every Bob Ross painting. Come on; you’re telling me you wouldn’t be at peace walking through Denali National Park?

Everything’s Angrier in Texas

What exactly is leading Texan gamers in need of new controllers so often? Record highs every Summer? Rents and mortgages skyrocketing every which way you look? Ice storms that knock out a quarter of a city’s power for a week? Lawmakers doing everything they can to pass archaic laws that limit our rights and yank progress to a screeching halt?

All of the above, I reckon.

Yet, we Texans are a proud folk, sporting our Texas-shaped tattoos and clapping in jubilee as we sing about the stars at night (that shine big and bright). With good food and a warm smile around every corner, it’s no wonder we’re ranked fourth of the friendliest states in the country, despite our apparent tendencies to rage quit and break our gaming peripherals. Quite a juxtaposition you got there, partner.

One thing’s for sure; if Texan gamers really are breaking their controllers at the highest rates in the country, well, we’ve certainly got short tempers.. but we make up for it with our hearts.

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