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Will Dead Island 2 Have Multiplayer – Answered

Zombie slapping is always more fun with friends

by Daphne Fama

Fans of the visceral (and altogether fun) Dead Island series have been waiting for a sequel since 2011. And now that it’s finally here, you might be wondering if you’ll be able to team up with your best zombie slaying buddies. Here’s the answer to the question: will Dead Island 2 Have Multiplayer?

Will Dead Island 2 Have Multiplayer – Answered

Zombie slaying is always best done in groups. Just look at the cult-classic Left 4 Dead, Back for Blood, State of Decay, 7 Days to Die, pretty much any Zombie game, really. It’s just something we all universally agree on.

But what about Dead Island 2? Will you get to slap zombies silly with your best buddies? The answer is yes! Dead Island 2 will have multiplayer co-op, meaning that you and your two closest friends can get together to kick some decaying butt all through the main campaign.

The only black lining to this otherwise silver cloud is that Dead Island 2 doesn’t feature crossplay. That means if your friends are on other platforms, you won’t be able to join their games and vice versa. It’s like they’re in an alternative dimension.

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And if you’re wondering about the state of local co-op or couch co-op, unfortunately you’re also out of luck. Dead Island 2 does not support split screen.

While that’s unfortunate, at least we get multiplayer. And what we know about it so far is that a host of a Dead Island 2 lobby can have players drop in and out easily. But other players who join up with the host and help them complete campaign objectives will still need to go back to their own main game and complete those objectives again. Your progression is separate from the host’s progression.

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