Will COD DMZ Reset in Season 5 of Warzone? – Answered

Don't worry about the stash.

DMZ Season 5
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Season 5 of the Call of Duty: DMZ is around the corner, and along with plenty of fresh content across all the Warzone 2 modes, players may be wondering if another reset is on the way. Resets have happened in the past, and to ensure you’re prepared for the latest season in the DMZ, I’ll outline when the next wipe could happen.

Will there be a Reset for DMZ in Season 5?

The short answer is no; COD DMZ will not reset in Season 5. You can rest easy if there are still weapons in your stash that you haven’t had the chance to use because they will still be there when the new season starts on August 2. However, weapons aren’t always the largest concern for progress.

Most players spend their time trying to complete Faction Missions in the DMZ to unlock more upgrades, such as Insurance Slots. When one of the largest wipes happened for the DMZ in Season 4, Insurance Slots and all Faction progress were removed entirely. New systems were put in place, and everyone started from scratch.

That won’t be the case with Season 5. With the release of Modern Warfare 3 just a few months away, there likely won’t be a proper reset until the next Call of Duty title goes live. Even before the imminent release of MW3, there was only one reset that got rid of everything in the DMZ.

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Soft resets have happened as well, such as the stash becoming empty. This typically gives everyone an incentive to keep grinding in a fresh Season. I would much rather the weapon stash gets a reset instead of all the Faction progress, which is entirely possible. But don’t worry about all your missions, and keep the progress going.

As you we get into Season 5, check out all the new weapons that are on the way in MW2 and the DMZ.

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