Will Beta Progress Carry Over in Palia

Will Beta Progress Carry Over in Palia? – Answered

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Throughout the past couple of years, Palia has had numerous alpha stress tests to gauge interest in the game and how well the servers run with many people online. Fast forward to the August 2023 beta; even more people are eager to hop in and start their relaxing journeys in the game. Some may wonder whether we will lose our progress, so I’m here to give more details. To learn more, continue reading to discover whether your alpha and beta progress will continue to Palia’s full release.

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Does Alpha and Beta Progress Carry Over in Palia?

If you played Palia during the closed Alpha stress tests, your progress will not carry over to the beta. However, your closed and open beta progression will continue to the game’s full launch. Any skills you level up, quests you complete, and everything else you accomplish will carry over, allowing you to spend as much time as you’d like playing Palia without worrying about more resets.

Also, if you played the Alpha and purchased cosmetics, these will be converted to Palia coins and returned to you. You’ll also get a 20 percent bonus as a thank-you gift!

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Since there are no more progress wipes as of the August beta sessions, you can play Palia as much as you would like without worrying that everything will be gone once the game launches. This also means that alpha players will not be farther ahead, but those who play the closed beta will get a headstart.

Everything is linked to your Palia account and email, so make sure to use the right one as you play!

Palia will be available to play on Nintendo Switch and PC. To learn more about the game, check out whether Palia is free to play, or click the tag below to explore our growing article list!

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