Why Is Naughty Bear in Dead by Daylight? – Answered

He may look cute and cuddly, but he's the furthest thing from it.

Naughty Bear is an oft-forgotten title that lives within the boundaries of the Xbox 360 and PS3 era. While janky and somewhat dull, its titular hero has been brought back from the grave and put into Dead by Daylight… but why?

Why Is There A Naughty Bear Skin in Dead by Daylight?

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There is one main reason that Naughty Bear is in Dead by Daylight: it’s one of their original IPs, and they wanted to do something silly with it. During the early 2000s and 2010s, Behaviour was in charge of producing plenty of different games. A lot of them were movie tie-in games that ranged in quality, but they decided to try something unique and brought Naughty Bear to the table.

While not the most critically acclaimed game, Naughty Bear has acquired a bit of a cult following over the years. A stealth game where you play as a homicidal teddy bear exacting revenge on those who wronged you? Sounds like a great time to me, honestly.

While under the name of Artificial Mind & Intelligence, the team is now known as Behaviour Interactive and wanted to celebrate Naughty and bring him to life in a new form, alongside letting him be the Killer he was meant to be. While Naughty Bear may not be his own individual killer on the roster, rather debuting as a skin for The Trapper, there are a variety of gameplay elements that make him unique in his own right. While you still may be using the standard Trap mechanic to capture your foes, the Narrator from the original Naughty Bear game returns, offering humourous quips while you hunt down the Survivors during a Trial. A unique Mori is also exclusive to Naughty Bear, making him more than just a standard cosmetic.

So, now that you know exactly why Naughty Bear has made his return in Dead by Daylight, make sure you know if you should try Trapper out before you buy this unique skin. Learn more about the game and become a master of Check Spots with our help, as you try to escape the Trails before you by the skin of your teeth.

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