Why is Diablo 4 Crossplay Not Working? Answered

A whole platform away from your friends

Diablo 4 Crossplay Not Working

One of Diablo IV’s main strengths is its crossplay features, allowing players to join up with people from any other platform in order to make their way through the content. But sometimes it just stops working randomly, leaving you isolated on your PC while your PS5 friends cannot join you for another dungeon. Here’s why the function isn’t currently working in this game.

Diablo 4 Crossplay Not Working Explained

Crossplay might get unexpectedly disabled whenever a big update drops in the game. A new Season adding new game modes and balance/system changes for example could be the reason for its sudden malfunctioning. Bugs and issues are bound to happen, and it might take a while before all versions of the game receive a proper hotfix.

For that reason, Crossplay could be disabled indefinitely until all platforms receive a new patch fixing what was once broken. Dragging all those players from different platforms into a single server is already difficult enough, and it becomes even harder if they attempt to do it while everyone’s here with a slightly different version of the game, with some of those still experiencing some game-breaking bugs.

Another reason might be simply the server’s instability, and this is just as unpredictable as the previous explanation. Problems can occur at any time, and there’s nothing you can do as a player rather than waiting patiently for them to fix those.

Whichever the reason could be, Blizzard knows that players enjoy this multi-platform aspect of their game and is most certainly prioritizing fixing Crossplay if it’s down for any reason, especially if they haven’t given any previous explanation on the subject. It could take a while, but Crossplay will always come back. This is certainly an issue, unlike people reporting about their Renown progress not carrying over to the next seasons.

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