Who Is the Timekeeper in Reverse: 1999?

Dapper top hat? Check. Suitcase with a dimensional world inside of it? Also check.

Vertin from Reverse: 1999
Image from Reverse: 1999 Official Website Gallery

Gacha titles have quite intriguing narratives and worlds with equally colorful characters, and in the case of Reverse: 1999, the Timekeeper is someone all players will get very familiar with quickly. If you just started and are scratching your head over this Timekeeper business in the story, here’s an explanation about the character.

Who’s the Timekeeper in Reverse: 1999 and What’s Their Purpose?

Vertin, otherwise known as the Timekeeper, is a young girl unaffected by “The Storm”: a strange magical torrent, so to speak, where space, time, and all creation will disappear. The first of its kind seemingly began on the eve of January 1, 2000. As the game describes, The Storm erased the era leading up to this event, and time went backward. Years from the past are the only thing left of creation, and The Storm is slowly erasing them, too.

As the only person who knows this is happening, the Timekeeper bears witness to the deletion of multiple eras and records them. She’s not alone in this endeavor, though. A time-jumping organization supports the Timekeeper through her travels, helping track down Arcanists with powers across time to battle creatures and figure out a way to end The Storm.

Where the gacha side of things starts to come into play is the suitcase owned by the Timekeeper. She can put objects and people inside it to protect them from The Storm. Strangely enough, the travel bag also has a dimensional world inside, where you can summon characters to harbor them in this haven.

As the Timekeeper, you’ll go about pulling characters from within the suitcase and jump through eras to meet all sorts of personalities. The story is split between different chapters focused around the Timekeeper’s connection to other characters, so if you’re intrigued by the game’s premise, you’ll have a lot to chew on throughout your playthrough.

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