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Who is the Antagonist in FFXVI? – Answered

The real antagonist is whoever named this guy Clive

by Daphne Fama

Final Fantasy has always been a series that’s woven stories of good and evil. Somehow, a group of plucky misfits always manage to bring to heel an individual who threatens the very life of practically everyone on the planet. But does Final Fantasy XVI follow the trend? Who is the Antagonist in FFXVI?

Who is the Antagonist in FFXVI? – Answered

There have been quite a few trailers of Final Fantasy XVI and yet much of the firm details for this June 22 release are still shrouded in mystery.

What we do know is that the world of Valisthea lives in an uneasy peace. But now, that peace falters as the Blight threatens that tenuous harmony. The nature of this corruption, where it comes from and how it can be quelled, are all mysteries that have yet to be revealed. But it’s likely directly connected to Final Fantasy’s unknown primary antagonist.

So far, despite many of the epic trailers and previews we’ve seen so far, the primary antagonist hasn’t yet been divulged. It’s likely, from a literary standpoint, that the Blight and the antagonist are working in tandem towards some unknown purpose. Likely to gain the power of the Mother Crystals, which many kingdoms have built their strongholds around.

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This is further cemented when, in the PS5 showcase, we hear one of the protagonists stated, “Our foe will not relinquish their Mother Crystal easily. This will be a bitter fight.”

It’s likely that we’ll spend a significant amount of time in-game trying to control these Mother Crystals, but like everything else, it’s all speculation. Either way, it looks like the game is shaping up to be an epic high fantasy, with plenty of combat and high stakes.

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