Is Final Fantasy 16 Open-World? – Answered

It’s not a simple yes or no, is it?

June 22, 2023, is fast approaching for the arrival of the much anticipated Final Fantasy 16. While the fans and players wait for the launch date, exciting treats such as the Sony State of Play make us huss for what’s supposed to be the game that finally takes us into the new generation of RPG combat gaming. 

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When there’s a Final Fantasy XVI title drop, it’s bound to create a lot of chitchat among the fans, and one of the most consistent questions for any big game drop is: will the game be open-world? Yes, this question has popped up, and yes, it has already been answered by the producer, Naoki Yoshida and the Square Enix dev team.

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Why this question is even more important than before can be down to various reasons, but one of the main reasons is the so-called “failed attempt” with FF16’s predecessor and how it caused players to be dissatisfied with the final product. Many are asking if they will return to the trial and tested method of Final Fantasy titles of old or improve on the previous attempt and make some wrongs right. 

So let’s get into the question many fans and players have been asking.

Final Fantasy XVI | Map
Final Fantasy XVI Map (Screenshot: Sony State of Play)

Is Final Fantasy 16 Open-World?

The short answer is no, Final Fantasy 16 will not be an open-world title, which, honestly, you could hear the sighs of relief around the globe following the revelation. As stated above, many reasons influenced the question being asked, so it was for the reasoning not to make it an open-world map.

If they were to tackle an open-world RPG for FFXVI, they would be looking at an unpractical time limit. They would require an extended time frame to finish the game, and June 22 would be nothing more than a speculation date. Another reason is they wanted to put most of their focus into the game’s combat as they look to change the game. 

Final Fantasy XVI | first look
Final Fantasy 16 Gameplay (Screenshot: Sony State of Play)

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Is Final Fantasy a Linear Game?

So if it’s not open-world, will the game be linear? There will be specific areas where players will be able to explore. Great detail has been put into these areas so players can enjoy the best gaming experience possible with Final Fantasy 16. 

The realm of Valisthea is said to be massive, but detailed, meaning there will be a lot of exploration to do in the game. Instead of focusing on quantity, the dev team concentrated on the quality of each area. They’ve taken the PS5 and used all of its power to create an immensely detailed game. As stated previously, combat has taken center stage. However, the narrative, characters, and visuals are on center stage with the combat.

Final Fantasy XVI | Map Locations
Map Locations Final Fantasy 16 (Screenshot: Sony State of Play)

Navigation will be driven by a world map, while locations will be added and updated as you progress through the game’s main narrative. 

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