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Who is Silver Wolf in Honkai Star Rail? – Answered

Everybody’s favorite gamer girl!

by Jordan Lemons

Although she only had a small bit of screen time before vanishing during the chaos of the Herta Space Station, Silver Wolf along with Kafka continues to remain quite the mysterious character in Honkai: Star Rail. What they want and the ultimate goal of the Stellaron Hunters will continue to elude us, but let’s look over what we know thus far.

Who is Silver Wolf in Honkai: Star Rail?

As we’ve already seen in the story, Silver Wolf is part of the Stellaron Hunters, working alongside Kafka towards an unknown goal. She’s an excellent hacker, able to break through the defenses Herta placed up around the station, and is considered a genius in her own right. One of their unique abilities about her is something called “aether hacking” which allows them to tamper with the data of reality itself. She’s a bit of a sour nature, but perhaps she can give our Trailblazer some tips on whatever game they are playing on their phone.

In terms of playability, Silver Wolf will be playable in the 1.1 updates, and thanks to the limited-time trial we had, we already know quite a bit about her skills in battle. Silver Wolf uses the unique element of Quantum and, like Kafka, is a pathfinder of Nihility, meaning that her role in battle is meant to debuff the enemies and weaken them so they are easier to take down. 

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As a Five-Star, Bronya is already pretty broken as a character in terms of usability. Her Skill in battle can reduce her enemy’s resistance for a few turns, but there is also a high chance that the enemy will have a weakness applied to them. The type of weakness can only be matched by the type of characters that are currently in Silver Wolf’s party but will help break down enemies’ toughness faster. Her Ultimate involves lowering an enemy’s defense by around 40% for a few turns and doing a heap of Quantum damage on top of that. 

However, one of Silver Wolf’s highlights of her character build has got to be her Talent, every character has a unique talent that assists them in battle. Silver’s involves placing a bug on her enemies that will randomly choose a debuff that either decreases attack, defense, or speed. And while her Eidolons would be fun to look at, as a Five-Star, it is very difficult to get many of them unless you use all your resources on her banner. Most of them are just standard such as increased damage, getting back energy once she uses certain attacks, and upping her Traces levels. Her first Eidolon, however, does reduce the enemy’s resistance upon the start of the battle, which can already be a good debuff right from the get-go, especially if you attack with your team first. 

There are so many characters to look forward to in the upcoming months, be sure to check out the other characters that we’ve covered, as well as check out our Honkai: Star Rail tag so that you never miss out on important guides and news. 

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