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Who is Xueyi in Honkai: Star Rail? – Answered

New Character Inbound!

by Jordan Lemons

Honkai: Star Rail released a YouTube Trailer called Interstellar Journey the day the game was officially released, but what you probably didn’t realize is that it leaked quite a few characters that we will be seeing in the future. Not within the next few banners type-of-soon, but more like in the next year. One of these characters was probably the least seen throughout that entire video, and her name is Xueyi. So, who is Xueyi in Honkai: Star Rail?

Who is Xueyi in Honkai: Star Rail?

Glimpses of this new character in the trailer can be seen at 0:56, 1:01, and 1:05.

Thanks to Honkai: Star Rail already receiving leaks as soon as the recently closed beta, Xueyi was actually released as early as when testers were still playing the game in beta trials. 

Xueyi looks to be a Four-Star character that will wield the Ice element and follow the path of Destruction. From discussions thus far, it looks like she’s kind of like Qiqi from Genshin Impact where she is both dead and yet a playable character. But given that leaks are always subject to change, take this news with a grain of salt!

We can at least presume that within the next few updates, we’ll be seeing new characters release alongside the Five-Stars in their future banners with Yukong being the next character in 1.1. Although 1.2 and 1.3 haven’t specifically stated that there will be a four-star debut alongside their banners, we can’t rule out that information may change the closer we get to that actual date. 

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Given that Xueyi was a part of the Interstellar Journey trailer for Honkai: Star Rail, this should indicate that she may be playable soon, especially since her splash art was revealed in the closed betas. Stick around with us as we delve into more of the trailer to see what other characters we may be seeing in the future. And plan ahead for the next few banners to start saving for your next Five-Star. Happy Trailblazing!

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