Who is Guilty on the Council Tribunal in Remnant 2? – Answered

Who has lost your FAEvor?

Council Tribunal Remnant 2
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The Council Chambers dungeon in Remnant 2 leads you to the Council Tribunal, which is a group of three prominent Fae that have recently been involved in a plot against the King. Only one of them is truly at fault and it’s up to you to find out who is guilty, and this guide will go over exactly how to do that.

Which Council Tribunal Member is Guilty in Remnant 2?

In my playthrough, it was Oniril that was guilty and aided the imposter on the Council Tribunal. However, the Council member that is guilty can change for each player in Remnant 2. For some of you, the guilty party will be the same as mine, but that won’t be true for everyone. That means you need to do some investigating.

Assassin's Dagger Remnant 2.
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Before you can accuse a Council member, you need evidence. For that, the next step is to head all the way around the other side of the dungeon and reach the mirror dimension. Walk through and you will quickly find an alternate version of the Council Chambers. Rearrange the sigils on the thrones in the chambers to match the ones in the mirror below you. With the right order, the giant doors ahead will open.

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Now you must move ahead until you find the One True King statue. Clear out all the enemies and then climb the left side of the statue. Next, you need to jump across, and with a bit more height, jump back onto the statue’s head. There you will find the Assassin’s Dagger, which is your evidence.

Take a look at the dagger and remember the color and pattern of the sigil on the dagger. Whichever sigil matches it in the real Council Tribunal chamber will show you who is guilty. If your sigil is blue and looks like a diamond, your traitor is on the left. Mine was the red sigil with an eye, and Oniril was in the center. Simply make your claim now and collect your Remnant 2 prize.

For a more in-depth guide on the initial puzzle, check out my full solution for the Council Tribunal puzzle in Remnant 2.

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