How to Solve the Council Tribunal Puzzle in Remnant 2

Mirror mirror in the council.

Council Tribunal Puzzle
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The Council Chamber dungeon in Remnant 2 places players on a hunt to solve a crime against the Fae, and to get the evidence you need, the Council Tribunal puzzle must be solved. Like so many other puzzles in the game, the solution is certainly involved, and I have the full rundown mapped out for you.

Remnant 2: Council Tribunal Puzzle Solution

To solve the Council Tribunal puzzle, you need to approach the thrones in the mirror dimension and rearrange the sigils from the bottom portion. You can walk on the mirror-like floor to reach the thrones and place the sigils in your inventory. From here, the sigils need to be rearranged to match the seating arrangements of the Council Chambers.

Screenshot by Prima Games.

There are two ways to see the correct order of the throne sigils in Remnant 2. You can look at the mirror under the thrones in the other dimension, and that image will display the correct order. Make sure to match them as they are though instead of flipping the image.

Here’s the solution to the Council Chambers Puzzle in Remnant 2:

  • Left – Blue
  • Middle – Red
  • Right – Purple

Another option is to head back to the real Council Chambers and look at the order of the sigils there. However, this method takes much longer. Either way, once you place the sigils in order based on position and color, then the door behind the thrones in the Council Tribunal will open up.

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In the new room, you need to collect the Assassin’s Dagger which is on top of the massive statue. After climbing the statue and collecting the dagger as evidence, you can head back to the council and complete the quest in Remnant 2.

With that out of the way, you can head to the Sanatorium and take down the Ripsaw boss in Remnant 2.

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