Where to Use Freeman’s Announcement in Genshin Impact

A proper treasure hunt.

Genshin Impact Freeman's Announcement Featured

While diving through the deep waters of Fontaine, you might come across a myriad of treasures, and one of them is hidden in plain sight inside an oyster. The Freeman’s Announcement can initially confuse some players, but solving this puzzle is as simple as lighting a torch up.

How to Get Freeman’s Announcement in Genshin Impact

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Freeman’s Announcement is in deep waters next to the Fort Charybdis Ruins in Fontaine’s Morte Region. You should see a locked oyster at the precise point displayed on the map above, so hit it to reveal the hidden treasure inside it. You’ll be next to it during the Free Verse World Quest, so complete it first and leave the Announcement for later, as you’re probably on its very last step already.

How to Solve Freeman’s Announcement Puzzle

After dealing with any other impending objective, open your inventory and look for the “!” tab to find Freeman’s Announcement. It contains a small puzzle prompting you to “light the flame of hope” to receive Freeman’s gratitude. Said flame is quite distant from here, but fortunately, it isn’t hard to find.

Head to the east side of the Foggy Forest Path on the map (next to a Waverider point) to find the ship-restaurant, The Rusty Rudder. You can even find the namesake Freeman here, but he’s not as important as we’re only looking for his hidden “gratitude.”

There are two lit-up torches around the ship. Put them out with a Hydro character and lit up the only torch found directly on the land at the back of the ship using a Pyro character. The Freeman’s Announcement item in your inventory will be updated, and a new treasure will immediately spawn in front of you.

While the treasure contains nothing special besides the usual five Primogems, the small puzzle is quite interesting. You still get some Primogems for an easy task, and extra resources are always useful for the upcoming character banners.

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