Where to Use Autumn’s Regrets in Genshin Impact

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Genshin Autumn's Regrets Featured

If you ever come across Autumn’s Regrets in Genshin Impact, you might be initially confused by this mysterious treasure map that’s somewhat clear, but strange. If you’re unsure of what to do with it or are just curious about where to get it, you’ve come to the right place.

Where to Get Autumn’s Regrets in Genshin Impact

Autumn’s Regrets is found beneath the dark waters of the Morte Region in Fontaine, inside a big shell at the top of one of the many ruins near the Tower of Ipsissimus. Smack it once with regular water to open it and get the hidden key item from it. You cannot find the chest if you don’t get the map here first.

  • Genshin Autumn's Regrets Item Location
  • Genshin Autumn's Regrets Item Shell

The map can be accessed by opening your inventory and heading to the “!” tab, where you can see the reasonably generous tip it gives, prompting you to find a gift left by a grieving mother you might end up protecting along the way.

Where to Use Autumn’s Regrets in Genshin Impact

Head to the Weeping Willow of the Lake and jump down through the small lake here. You might have already gone through here previously if you were looking for the Foggy Forest Branches, but if you haven’t, you’ll need to get rid of the corruption first by using the Orb’s powers in the puzzle here first.

Once you’re in the shack, read the message at the top of the table to get a hint for the puzzle. Basically, you have to touch the switches in the correct order, which goes from the one next to the chair, then water, by the fire, and finish it by touching the one in the wall. Switches reset if you hit the wrong one, but you can try as much as you want.

  • Genshin Autumn's Regrets Switch Order
  • Genshin Autumn's Regrets Switch Order River

After completing the puzzle, you get a Precious Chest spawning at a hidden area in the shack, so grab it and enjoy your extra 10 Primogems. Autumn’s Regrets is one of the eight treasure maps scattered around Fontaine, and there’s some extra reward if you manage to get them all with a hidden achievement awaiting you at the end. So you might also want to look out for the others such as Athos’s Confession.

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