Where to Use Athos’s Confession in Genshin Impact

A killer's treasure also valuable

Genshin Athos Confession Featured

Fontaine has many hidden treasures, sometimes with (not-so) detailed maps showcasing where to find them. One of these maps is the Athos’s Confession, which you might stumble across during your journeys through the region, and here’s how to decipher it.

Where to Get Athos’s Confession in Genshin Impact

Athos’s Confession is found inside a big shell in the Morte Region deep seas. Give it a simple hit, and it’ll open, revealing the Confession. You might come across this shell while completing the final steps of the Narzissenkreuz World Quest line, and your goal now is to decipher this encrypted map. Open your inventory at the “!” tab to find the Confession and read it.

The document speaks about the thank-you gifts that Athos has left around the bridge somewhere in the region. Fortunately, this one is simple to follow, so let’s find our goal.

Where to Use Athos’s Confession in Genshin Impact

Head to the Lumidouce Harbor waypoint and immediately head north to the mentioned Waterfalls. Drop down the waters, and you’ll immediately see a point where you can dig for treasure. Dig it, and voila, here’s your farewell gift from a fugitive.

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The treasure doesn’t give you anything special, but it’s another of the many hidden treasure maps you can find around Fontaine. There’s a total of 8 of them are scattered around the region, each leading the way for an elusive chest. Once you get them all, you get a hidden achievement for your arduous work of sleuthing them out.

So anytime you’re around a big shell that looks like it’s holding more than it looks, remember to give it a quick smack just to be sure. You never know where to find more of these hidden goods while completing the new World Quests in the area.

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