Where to Play All of The Game Awards’ “Game of the Year” Nominated Games

Every platform The Game Awards' game of the year nominees are available on

The Game Awards are just one day away, as 2022’s biggest games, developers, and performers will be honored, and upcoming unreleased games will be on full display in the year’s biggest celebration of the videogame industry. The ceremony’s piece de resistance is the coveted “Game of the Year” honor, which designates the year’s greatest game, as decided by The Game Awards jury. This year’s six eclectic nominees span from multiplatform titles to unique console exclusives, each earning acclaim from critics and popularity from gamers. Here is your guide to everywhere to play this year’s Game of the Year nominees.

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A Plague Tale: Requiem

Asobo’s follow-up to 2019’s A Plague Tale: Innocence expanded upon its predecessor, with more of an emphasis on exploration, sandbox stealth gameplay, jaw-dropping action/adventure set pieces, a memorable narrative, and massive tides of horrifying plague rats to navigate. A Plague Tale: Requiem can be played on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, where it is available for immediate download by Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

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Elden Ring

The combined writing efforts George R. R. Martin and director Hidetaka Miyazaki brought the latest evolution of Soulsborne gameplay to life in the form of Elden Ring, the newest entry in FromSoftware’s legendary catalog of game of the year nominees and winners. The challenging RPG is available to play on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

God of War: Ragnarok

Santa Monica Studio seeks their second “Game of the Year” title at The Game Awards with God of War: Ragnarok, one of the front runners alongside the aforementioned Elden Ring. The action/adventure title is the ninth installment of the God of War series, following 2018’s game of the year winning God of War. The newest entry in the God of War saga is available to play exclusively on PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles.

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Horizon Forbidden West

Another of the many sequels nominated for game of the year, Horizon Forbidden West continues Aloy’s adventures through its sci-fi open world of dangerous machines. Guerilla Games second entry into the Horizon series blends Action/Adventure and roleplaying game mechanics, and is available on PS4 and PS5.


The “cat game” that took over social media during July 2022 was somewhat of a surprise game of the year nominee, but nevertheless, BlueTwelve Studio’s new adventure title remains one of the year’s most memorable experiences. Stray is available on PC, PS4, and PS5, and can be immediately downloaded by PlayStation Plus subscribers, who are in the Extra tier or above.

Xenoblade Chronicles


Xenoblade Chronicles is the fourth Xenoblade game and eight installment in the Xeno main series. The Nintendo Switch exclusive RPG from Monolith Software is the third highest rated game on the console in 2022 with an 89 Metacritic Score, only trailing Portal Companion Collection and Persona 5 Royal, which hold 96 and 94 Metascores respectively.

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