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Where to Get the Nasty Plot TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Imagine capturing hate incarnate just so a teacher will give you a TM

by Daphne Fama

If you’re thinking of getting competitive, maybe even aspiring to join the rank of elite trainers who will compete in the Pokémon Video Game World Championships, then the perfect move set is essential. And with the knowledge that Generation 9 will be the subject of all major tournaments moving forward, it’s best to experiment with as many moves as possible.

One move that seems like it might enter the meta is Nasty Plot. Nasty Plot provides its user with +2 Special Attack. If a Pokemon uses this move 3 times, it will hit maximum Special Attack. You don’t have to be big into the competitive scene to know that this can boost a Pokemon’s attacks into one shot territory.  

But how do you actually go about getting this TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Where to Get the Nasty Plot TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The most well-known method to obtain the Nasty Plot TM is perhaps the most difficult. It requires you to go to class, for one, which I think is a hurdle most trainers have yet to cross. But if you bring yourself to go, had to Professor Raifort’s history class. This is the start of a long quest line, so I suggest you do this after you’ve made significant progress with the game’s main story.

Head to Raifort’s class and complete 4 lessons and her midterm. Once that’s done, she’ll suggest students interested in learning more about the fable she spoke about in class see her during her office hours. Go to the directory beside the academy desk and you’ll find her in the Staff Room. Speak to her to move forward in her quest line.

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Head next to the entrance hall. Turn immediately left, and you’ll see Raifort looking at books against the far left wall. Speak to her. After this, you’ll need to actually catch the treasures of ruin. This is no small task. You may have noticed that there are stakes scattered across Paldea, as well as glowing, color-coordinated doors. To open a door, you must find 8 stakes of the matching color and interact with them. Doing so will open the door and allow you to fight (and catch) one of these legendary Pokemon. But you’ll need to catch all 4 to complete Raifort’s quest. Once you do so, return to her in the entrance hall of the academy and she’ll gift you TM 140, Nasty Plot.

But don’t despair if this sounds a little too tedious.

There’s a common misconception with Nasty Plot is only obtainable through Raifort’s quest. But there’s an easier method, though it requires you to be able to enter the post-game area, The Great Crater of Paldea.

Head to Research Station 2 and exit. Immediately go behind Research Station 2, then climb up the ledge. You’ll want to climb up the very next ledge and head left, towards the rock wall. There will be Nasty Plot in a Pokeball. Here’s a screenshot of the view to help you orient yourself.

From there, you’ll only need 5,000 LP, 3 Meowth Fur, 4 Spiritomb Fragments, and 3 Tatsugiri Scales to craft it.

Good luck getting that TM, Trainer!

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