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Where to Get Iron Head TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Iron out the kinks in your defenses

by Daphne Fama

The Pokemon franchise is known for two things: its endless steam of Pokemon and the countless ways you can mix and match their moves. There are now over 1,000 Pokemon with the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and over 800 moves you can tinker with, creating strategies that are sure to devastate your opponents.

But one move type is particularly useful, especially against meta Pokemon, and that’s Steel. Steel puts a hole in Fairy and Dragon types, two typings that otherwise have ample coverage. So even if your Pokemon isn’t Steel, slapping a good Steel move on them is a good idea.

One of the best TMs available is Iron Head. Iron Head is a physical move with Steel typing and a respectable 80 base damage. It’s the perfect move to spam and it has the benefit of a small flinch chance. So, where do you get it for yourself?

Where to Get Iron Head TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

There are two ways to get Iron Head. The first is to move forward in the Starfall Street storyline. By defeating Starfall Street bosses and clearing out their camps, you’ll be rewarded with 20 or so TM recipes which you can then craft at Pokemon Centers. The TMs that you’ll get aren’t associated with a specific boss but rather with how many bosses you’ve completed. It’s likely you’ll get this TM by the time you reach (and defeat) the Fairy-Specialist, Ortega.

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The second option is to simply find the TM in the overworld. Head to where Glaseado Mountain and the Socarrat Trail meet. The best fast travel point is the Casseroya Falls. Head northwest, going across the wooden bridge, and you’ll eventually see a cave. This cave will let you cut under Glaseado Mountain so you can reach the North Paldean See. But, more importantly, right outside of it will be Iron Head.

Good luck finding that TM, trainer!

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