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Where to Get Ginger in Disney Dreamlight Valley

One more cooking ingredient marked off the list

by Madison Benson
Disney Dreamlight Valley Ginger Ingredient

If you’re looking to complete your collection log, you’re likely taking a good look at your cooking recipes and wondering why there’s a bunch still not finished. After hours of experimenting, a few dishes are left greyed out, waiting for you to discover. One ingredient you can try using is ginger, a spice used in foods such as Magura Sushi, Mushu’s Congee, and Teriyaki Salmon. If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to discover where to get ginger in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to Get Ginger in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Ginger plants are native to the Forgotten Lands in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Much like Basil, Vanilla and Oregano, they appear as plants you can forage. After harvesting from the plants, they’ll net you one ginger root you can use however you wish. If you’re not looking to cook with the ginger, you can also eat them to recover 175 energy or sell them for 100 Star Coins.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Ginger Plant
Image via Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Ginger appears as a bright green, leafy plant that contrasts with the dark environment of the Forgotten Lands. Since they don’t grow outside of here, you won’t need to venture out of this area to farm some. However, if you harvest all of the ginger in the region, you’ll have to return later when it grows back.

Unfortunately, you won’t find any in Goofy’s Stall either. Instead, you’ll find resources such as Pumpkin, Potato, and Leek seeds. If you’re interested in getting any of these, investing in the Forgotten Lands Goofy Stall may be worthwhile.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available to play on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation platforms through the official website. If you’re interested in learning more about the game, check out How to Get Cotton and How to Get Brick in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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