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Where to Get Crystallized Charges in Tears of the Kingdom

The Energy Cell is waiting.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Crystallized Charge Tears of the Kingdom

Even in the early hours of Tears of the Kingdom, you are bound to encounter constructs that offer to increase your Energy Cell in exchange for Crystallized Charges. However, it’s just as easy to miss where these charges are found, or even how to collect them throughout Hyrule.

Unlike the Zonai Charge items, or even the Zonaite chunks themselves, you won’t be able to simply farm the Crystallized Charges as you explore with Link. Earning these items is very intentional and I’m here to outline how I traded for the charges within Zelda.

How to Get More Crystallized Charges in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

To obtain more Crystallized Charges, you need to collect as much Zonaite as possible, which can be found inside mines around Hyrule. Even the Great Sky Island has Zonaite Mines in Tears of the Kingdom. Remember to bring items that can break through rocks, which are as simple as sticks with a boulder on the end. Smash these and collect the Zonaite you find.

On the Great Sky Island, there is a mining cave all the way to the south that has a Forge Construct at the end. The Forge Construct is the key to getting more Crystallized Charges in Tears of the Kingdom, and this one only has 10 Crystallized Charges. To get them, you must exchange some Zonaite at the table of charges, which is considered “processing” to the constructs.

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Forge Constructs are in the depths of Hyrule as well, and this is where you will get most of your Crystallized Charges in Tears of the Kingdom. At least 100 charges are needed to exchange for an Energy Cell upgrade, so make sure to start saving early. Some bosses in the depths will have a chance of dropping Large Crystallized Charges, which count as 20, but don’t count on that entirely for your stash.

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