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Where to Get Brick Break TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Get yourself a Pokemon that can break light itself

by Daphne Fama

If you’ve played competitive, you might know the tedium of being faced with a screener Pokemon like Grimmsnarl or Espeon. These Pokemon are fantastic supports known primarily for their ability to spam abilities like Reflect and Light Screen. These abilities make it harder to break past your opponent’s defenses, while giving them plenty of time to chip away at your health.

But what if there was a way to break past all of that?

That’s where Brick Break comes in. This Physical Fighting Move with a respectable base power of 75 not only packs a punch, it’s capable of removing Reflect, Light Screen, and Aurora Veil if your opponent has set it up. So, if you know you’re facing someone who loves to spam screens, this move doubles in utility and coverage.

So how do you get it for yourself in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Where to Get Brick Break TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Fortunately, like many TMs in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you can find it in the overworld. And if you’ve beaten a third of the game, it’s likely that you already have access to this area. Head to East Province Area Three Watchtower, northwest of Levincia City. From there, head north and east, until you’re almost at the river. There will be a pit, but don’t enter it. Instead, circle it until you find the glowing chartreuse Poke Ball!

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Head over to the local Pokemon Center and Technical Machine Machine to craft one of your own. You’ll need 5,000 LP, 3 Makuhita Sweat, 3 Hawlucha Down, and 3 Crabrawler Shell. Makuhita should be all over East Province Area Three. The closest Crabrawler spawns are in East Province Area Two (near the ocean, you can see the sandy beach beneath Levincia City). As for Hawlucha… it’s possible if you’re early game you won’t see them for some time. But if you’re not, they’re extremely common (annoying common) in North Province Areas One through Three.

Good luck finding and crafting that Brick Break, trainer!

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