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Where to Find Zelda’s Golden Horse in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

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by Kara Phillips

Horses are the best friend for any avid adventurer in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, so they’re incredibly convenient creatures to capture as soon as possible. But, between your standard field-dwelling steeds, you may occasionally come across an unexpected mount. Of course, you can still face your foes upon the back of a grizzly bear, but these aren’t the mounts we’re talking about. Among your standard run-of-the-mill horses, you might be lucky enough to come across something slightly more special, and Zelda’s horse is among the mix of prized ponies. Here’s where to find Zelda’s Golden Horse in Tears of the Kingdom.

Where to Find Zelda’s Golden Horse in Tears of the Kingdom

To start the journey toward finding Zelda’s Golden Horse, you need to speak to Penn at the Snowfield Stable in the South Tabantha Snowfield. Penn will be speaking to a stablehand called Harlow who explains that Zelda’s Golden Horse has been spooked and run off north, and it becomes your job to go and find it. 

If you head directly north from the stable, you’ll pass a load of ruins to your left, and a Frost Gleeok will be circling. Fortunately, the horse is slightly further up from here so you won’t need to go into combat to get a hold of it. Once you enter a large clearing, you’ll be able to see a crowd of horses, and Zelda’s Golden Horse is impossible to miss among the masses.

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However, this horse isn’t as easy to soothe as your standard stallion. You should be prepared to spend a decent amount of time sneaking up to the horse and attempting to soothe, especially if you don’t have any way to increase or restore your stamina while you’re on its back. But, despite it kicking you off almost instantly, it never travels too far from where you initially find it. 

Once you’ve returned the soothed horse to the stable you’ll be able to redeem your reward. Among receiving the Royal Bridle and Royal Saddle, you’ll also be rewarded with an energizing elixir and 50 Purple Rupees. In addition, you’ll be able to board the horse as part of your own collection, so you’re free to take it out to accompany your adventure if you want to ride with style.