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How to Use Flint in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

Need a light?

by Ashley Anthony

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, your surroundings are part of your survival kit. To prevail in the sky or on the surface in the game, knowing how to use a flint is one of the key survival skills. Why is this? Cause where there is flint, there is fire, and fire is needed for Link to stay fresh to fight and explore the whole of Hyrule.

A flint is acquired early in TOTK and looks like a small piece of meteorite. Also, learning about fires, different meals, and their importance to you is one of the first lessons you receive from the Constructs in the Sky Islands. After that, you will find flints in certain areas, such as campfires, caves, mines, and other locations. 

Campfire Lit By Flint & Wood (Screenshot: TOTK)

Although easy to find, you must not undermine the importance of the flint. It helps in many ways, such as: keeping you warm when in cold zones, providing a resting area for when you want the time of day to pass, or it provides a place to cook your next meal to prepare you for what lies ahead on your journey in Tears of the Kingdom. 

In this guide, you’ll learn how to hold a flint, what you should use to create a spark when using a flint, and where best to use one.

Items Needed to Use Flint in TOTK & Create a Spark

There are many ways to light a fire, but using a flint is the easiest way to start one. First, you’ll need the following items to make sure you’re ready for a fire starter:

  • Flint
  • Bundle of wood
  • A weapon with a stone attachment

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If you don’t have either of those, as mentioned above, don’t worry. Acquiring all of these items is easier done than said. Flint can be found in several areas across Hyrule, so keep looking for fragment-like objects. A weapon with a stone attachment can be found, taken off a foe you’ve just decimated, or can be fused together with Link’s Fuse ability. 

Chop Logs for Firewood (Screenshot: TOTK)

A pile of wood can be picked up as well as farmed. To farm wood piles, you need an axe to chop down trees into logs and then chop the logs further into smaller pieces of wood to burn.

The next step is to take out all the items, and you can do so in two ways:

Using the Quick Hold Menu for Weapons & Materials

To use the quick hold menu to remove weapons, use the D-pad by holding the right direction button and choosing your weapon with the right analog stick. Next, hold up on the D-pad to choose from your materials and use the analog stick to find flint and wood. You need to drop each item by pressing X after selecting it.

Quick Select Materials (Screenshot: TOTK)

Using the Inventory (Easier & Quicker Method)

The other option is to press the plus button and open your materials inventory. Select each item by pressing A, choose the option to hold items by pressing A again, and then press B to take them all out simultaneously. You’ll then be prompted to drop the items on the ground by pressing A one more time. 

All Materials in Inventory (Screenshot: TOTK)

How to Use Flint to Make a Fire in TOTK

Once you’ve removed all your items from your inventory and have your chosen stone weapon, you’ll see the bundle of wood and flint on the ground before you. 

Top Tip: To ensure they stay close together, and you don’t miss your chance to strike a fire, attach the wood to the flint using Link’s Ultrahand power. To unleash the Ultrahand, Hold L and push to the right on the right analog stick. 

Flint & Wood Attached by Ultrahand (Screenshot: TOTK)

Now to create a spark. Arm yourself with your weapon by pressing Y. Stand over the flint and wood and press Y again to strike it with a solid swing. Once you’ve swung at it and Link’s given an “Ii” sound, you’ll notice the wood and flint will ignite and create a fire.

Top Tip: To use this method for cooking in a pot with no flame or fire underneath it, do all of the above as close as possible to the pot when you strike the flint and wood. Your strike will set a light to the pile of wood and underneath the pot.

Using Flint & Wood to Light a Campfire (Screenshot: TOTK)

Now that you’re ready to cook and keep warm in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you could be looking to build something fun like a car to travel around Hyrule. To learn how to build a car in TOTK, you can read: How to Make a Car in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK).

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