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Where to Find Workbenches in COD DMZ

Make use of your Contraband.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Workbench COD DMZ

There were a few new systems added to the COD DMZ mode in the latest Season 3 update, and one of those additions is the Workbench. For the first time in the mode, players will be able to take the Contraband weapons they have and change the attachments.

New attachments can be added to weapons for a small price, or existing attachments can be swapped out so the gun has better performance. This offers a new way to get powerful weapons, but first, you need to find one of the Workbenches in the DMZ.

How to Find Workbenches in DMZ

You can find Workbenches next to any Buy Station in the DMZ. Most of the new features were simply added to the Buy Station menus that have been an integral part of the game in the past. Although the benches can be found where the Buy Stations are available, they aren’t in the stations themselves like you might see with the new Bartering system.

When you reach a Workbench in the DMZ, look around the area for a black crate with some glowing orange lights. Sometimes they are on the other side of the wall from where the stations are placed and they don’t have a map marker, so just search around the area.

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Once you’ve found the bench, you can interact with the box and view the weapons you currently have in your bag. Most attachments will cost $3,000 to change, so come prepared with extra cash before attempting to change your weapon. Before you know it, you’ll have a stockpile of powerful gear outside of Insured weapons.

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