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Where to Find Tusk Ballistas in Warframe

They might be snipers, but damn are they ever blind.

by Shawn Robinson
Warframe Tusk Ballista

Challenges in Warframe are well-known for requiring you to interact with the game in ways you would never do otherwise. For example, a few weeks ago a Nightwave challenge asked me to explore secret Alad V laboratories on the Gas City tileset. If you didn’t know those were a thing until now, I didn’t either. One challenge relates to a particular enemy, though without deeper knowledge of the game, you may not know where to find them. Here’s where to find Tusk Ballistas in Warframe.

Where Are Tusk Ballistas Located in Warframe?

Warframe Tusk Ballista Tower
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This challenge appears exclusively on Riven mods, asking you to kill a certain amount of unalerted Tusk Ballistas with a headshot in Warframe. Tusk Ballistas can be found in the Plains of Eidolon most easily, by exploring the Grineer guard towers scattered across the plains. We’ve included an image above if you’re having trouble, though we have a few specific locations if you’re having trouble. One can be found to the west of the Ostwan Range upon opening your map, while two others are found south of Mount Nang. One of those two is in between Mount Nang and The Ribs.

Some of the towers will have two Tusk Ballistas within them, though there are a few things to consider before throwing shots down range. You’ll want to make sure when killing one that you kill the other one quickly, and while both are positioned well. If the other Ballista sees the dead body of the first, it will become alerted and not count toward the challenge. Provided you’re careful, it can be a nice two for the price of one. If you’re having trouble getting this challenge done, we have a few tips that can help you out.

How to Make the Tusk Ballistas Challenge Easier in Warframe

First things first, make sure you have weapons that are quiet but can still do plenty of damage. To know whether a weapon is quiet or not, you’ll want to look for the Noise Level stat of a weapon. If it’s too loud, it will alert nearby targets which can affect if you find two Tusk Ballistas next to each other.

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If you’re looking to lower the noise of your weapon, there are a few things you can do. Mods such as Hush for rifles, Suppress for Pistols, and Silent Battery for shotguns can all reduce to Noise Level of your weapon. Banshee’s passive and Loki’s augment mod Hushed Invisibility can also do wonders for this challenge. Once you have that setup, you’re ready to properly attempt this riven mod.

With all this in mind, killing unalerted Tusk Ballistas should be easy enough. If you run out of towers, just reload the zone by going back to Cetus and then back into the Plains of Eidolon. Hope your Riven mod is for a good weapon! While we’re on the topic of weapons, here are all the new weapons as part of the Duviri Paradox expansion.

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