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Where to Find the Warmaster’s Shack in Elden Ring

by Aidan O'Brien

The Warmaster’s Shack in Elden Ring is a location that you can find early in the game, in the north of Limgrave. It is home to two very different beings, Knight Bernahl and the Bell Bearing Hunter. The location also has a Site of Grace, so players can activate it then fast travel here whenever they like.

How to get to the Warmaster’s Shack in Elden Ring

From the Gatefront Ruins, which is one of the first areas they should encounter near the Church of Elleh, players will be able to see the massive Stormgate where the Troll is waiting to ambush them. Rushing through here on Torrent should keep them safe, and if they follow the path through to the right after all the enemies soldiers, they will find the Stormhill Shack.

Interact with the Site of Grace there, then head directly east to get to the Warmaster’s Shack. During the day, players may find Knight Bernahl here, and he will sell them Ashes of War.

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Where does Knight Bernahl go after the Warmaster’s Shack?

Players who have reached Volcano Manor and pledged their allegiance there will notice that Knight Bernahl stops appearing at the Warmaster’s Shack. Instead, he begins to appear in the drawing-room of the Volcano Manor, where he will now be known as the Recusant Bernahl. Knight Bernahl will have his own quest that players can assist him with if they wish. He will still be able to sell Ashes of War from the Volcano Manor.

How to find the Bell Bearing Hunter at Warmaster’s Shack

The Bell Bearing Hunter is a boss that will only appear at the Warmaster’s Shack at night. All you need to do is visit the location at night to be able to fight him. Be advised, he is extremely tough if you are trying to fight him early.

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