Where to Find the Ruins in Disney Dreamlight Valley

No dangerous caves or buried treasure here

Where to Find the Ruins in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Throughout your Disney Dreamlight Valley playthrough, you’ll have to visit the Forgotten Lands ruins a few times, particularly during Ursula’s level ten quest and Olaf’s level four one. However, when you think of ruins, you may envision abandoned stone structures or a super secret underground cavern full of monsters and treasure. Or, well, maybe I play too many adventure games. If you want to learn more, continue reading to discover where to find the Forgotten Lands ruins in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Forgotten Lands Ruins Location in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The ruins are a collection of pillars located in the northern part of the Forgotten Lands. When you first encounter them during the “A Deal With Ursula” quest, you will find a dark crystal on one of the pedestals; picking it up activates a pink-purple glow around them, prompting you to locate the other three crystals.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Ruins Location
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Following this, you’ll return here later for other missions, such as Olaf’s “A Story to Tell” quest. While the ruins’ appearance doesn’t drastically change, you’ll see the crystals hovering above the pillars after completing Ursula’s final mission.

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Where to Find the Ruins Dark Crystals in Disney Dreamlight Valley

During the “A Deal With Ursula” quest, you’ll find the ruins’ dark crystals in the following areas:

  • Glade of Trust – Outside Mother Gothel’s home
  • Frosted Heights – Near the area’s northern wall, next to the river
  • Sunlit Plateau – Next to the west pond

They’ll appear on the ground in these regions with a bright purple glow surrounding them. Pick them up to progress through the mission!

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Once you find all four, you’ll have to return to the Forgotten Lands ruins and place them on the pedestals, allowing you to begin wrapping up the A Deal With Ursula quest.

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