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Where to Find the Report on the Bridge in Dead Space Remake

I needed that report yesterday!

by Shawn Robinson

Dead Space Remake has revitalized how you play through the game with the new side missions, expanding upon the story and giving you extra things to do as you progress. These can reward you with various buffs to your character, including a Prototype Stasis Module. During one side mission, a particular objective seems to be causing some players trouble. Here’s where to find the report on the Bridge in Dead Space Remake.

How to Find the Report on the Bridge in Dead Space Remake

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To get to this quest objective, you’ll need to get the Tissue Sample from the end of Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion. From there, you’ll head back to the Main Lab, through the Intensive Care Unit, and through the Mining Deck to Ore Storage. Here, you’ll interact with a security terminal that asks you to go back to the Bridge and find the report. If you’ve been looking all over the Bridge though, you might have trouble finding said report.

For this, you’ll want to go back to the door where you enter the Main Atrium of the Bridge Deck. From there, go right toward the first free-standing terminal (pictured above). Interacting with it will play a clip where Captain Mathius and Nicole will argue over the case of Brent Harris and what to do with him. Once the argument is over, the mission step will be complete and you’ll be tasked with returning to Hydroponics.

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Side missions in Dead Space Remake take a far different turn than your average side mission, spanning across the majority of the game rather than in one particular section. It’s a little unorthodox, but it makes a lot of sense for a game like Dead Space. This is especially true considering the story revelations that come from completing these side missions, so they’re well worth doing.

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