Where to Find All 13 Premonitions in The Devil In Me

Premonitions: giving you trauma and anxiety since 2015

Premonitions, or Pictures, are a longstanding tradition of The Dark Picture Anthology. These images are scattered throughout the treacherous landscape you find yourself in, and offer brief insight into what dangers (or safe passages) might be found, depending on the choices you make.

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The Devil In Me is no exception. These images, or Premonitions, are all diagrams of the human body. How fitting for the theme. Here’s where you can find each one in The Devil in Me, in chronological order.

Where to Find All the Premonitions in The Devil In Me

Premonition: Explosion

Chapter: Opportunity

When you first arrive to the island, Charlie will prompt Mark to come up to the lighthouse with him to get a shot of the lake. Once inside the lighthouse, you’ll be give a QTE to hide. Do so, and after you’ll see the Premonition on the wall in the small room.

Premonition: Turned

Chapter: Island

Once you’re able to control an “injured” Kate, lead her and Jamie deeper into the island, until you reach the trolley. Before you enter the trolley, examine the locked shed. Just past the shed’s locked door is a log wall you can lift yourself over. Do so and circle around the shed. You’ll then be able to enter the shed through a hole in the back. On the table will be a framed photo with a diagram of a heart.

Premonition: Burnt

Chapter: Cigarettes

Once you gain control of Charlie on the first floor of the hotel, you’ll be tasked with trying to find cigarettes. Head into the bar. Immediately upon entering, turn left. There will be a diagram hanging on the wall.

Premonition: United

Chapter: Scouting

You’ll take control of Mark, and you’ll be tasked with finding the balcony so you can film a take with Kate. Go to the second floor after leaving your room. Don’t enter the study. Instead, turn left and you’ll see a short corridor. Go to its end and turn right. There will be a Premonition on the wall.

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Premonition: Stabbed

Chapter: Noises

You’ll take control of Erin, and you’ll be tasked with finding the source of the crying woman’s voice. Using her sound equipment, follow the voice until you hear a door slam. Turn back around and head back to where your room was. Now, you’ll find a diagram of a pair of lungs hanging on the wall. This diagram is hanging in almost a mirror reflection of where the H. H. Holmes execution painting was.  

Premonition: Cured

Chapter: Blood Trail

When controlling Charlie and in the company of Jamie, you’ll head downstairs into the now wrecked lobby. To the left of the stairs you descend, you’ll see a painting of two boats on the wall. Head towards this painting. Right beneath it will be a Premonition picture on the floor.

Premonition: Uncanny

Chapter: Workshop

While controlling Mark in the workshop basement, you’ll see a mannequin that begs you to press the button. On the same side of the room, separated by shelves, you’ll find the next Premonition. It’s on the floor on a tarp.

Premonition: Crushed

Chapter: Interrogation

Once you take control of Jamie, who has been separated from the rest of the group, go back to Jamie’s bedroom. Jamie will force her way through the secret door behind the mirror and enter the control room. On the wall beside the entrance will be a Premonition.

Premonition: Dragged

Chapter: Morellos

While exploring the halls and in search of the crying woman with Kate and Erin, you’ll enter a suite of rooms. When you finally enter the room with the crying woman, inspect the wall first! Do not touch the mattress, as doing so will end your time in the room.

Premonition: Masked

Chapter: Director’s Suite

Once you begin controlling Jamie in the hallways, turn right and you should find this Premonition on the wall. Do not go through the office door, as it will end your time in the halls.

Premonition: Searching

Once you’re able to take control of Erin in the maze, go straight immediately. You’ll see a small enclosure, just a tight turn, straight ahead. Investigate it and you’ll find a Premonition on the ground.

Premonition: Spiked

While controlling Mark at the pool, you’ll enter the changing rooms. Work your way through the changing rooms until you’re in the final section. You’ll know it’s the final section because there will be a door with a prompt to perform a hard action on it. Before you perform this action, look at the wall on the right side. There will be a Premonition hanging.

Premonition: Spaced

Once Charlie has reconvened with Mark, you’ll find a large, decrepit building. The downstairs door is closed, but there is a ladder. You’ll be prompted to push a trolley towards the door in order to climb in through the roof. Before you do this, climb up and enter through the broken second-floor window instead. In the first room Charlie enters, a Premonition can be found hanging on the wall.  

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