Where to Find the Secrets in The Devil In Me

Is it a Dark Pictures game if you don't spend fifteen hours looking for every secret

At the heart of any The Dark Pictures Anthology game is a mystery. And this mystery is best understood through the dozens of secrets scattered across dozens of hidden nooks and desks the H. H. Holmes murder hotel has to offer. Here is each secret in The Devil In Me, in chronological order.

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All Secret Locations in The Devil In Me

  • Secret 10 – The moment you can control the “injured” Kate, you’ll be set upon a trail. On the right-hand side, just a few meters from where you start, will be a Stiletto without a heel.
  • Secret 31 – While controlling Kate, you’ll find the trolley. Before you go into it, enter the locked shed on the right. You can enter it by vaulting over the log wall, then circling around the shed, entering through a broken wall. On the floor in the corner of the shed will be the vacation photo.
  • Secret 12 – When Charlie is looking for his cigarettes on the first floor, you’ll be able to access the lobby. In the lobby, go to the check-in counter. Check out the book to get the Hotel Guest Book.
  • Secret 19 – Head behind the desk where you signed the guest book. There is a file cabinet Charlie can use his business card to open. Do so and you’ll find the Postcard.
  • Secret 14 – As Charlie, while searching for your cigarettes, you’ll enter the bar on the first floor. Turn right. You’ll see a newspaper on the stand.
  • Secret 43 – While still controlling Charlie, look left of the actual bar. You’ll see a display cabinet. On its counter is a coffee mug. Move it and you’ll access the Invitation.
  • Secret 22 – When controlling Mark and in the company of Kate, you’ll be tasked with looking for a balcony. When you enter the dark study, turn left after you’ve passed the Jumpscare clock. It will be a book on the desk.
  • Secret 29 – In the same study against the bookshelf, you’ll be prompted to investigate something on top of the bookshelf and use Mark’s ability for the first time. Do so, and a white book falls. Open it, and you’ll find a birth notice.
  • Secret 13 – While still controlling Mark, you’ll enter the library. Walk past the balcony door and turn left. Immediately across will be a desk with a tape recording.
  • Secret 46 – Once you begin controlling Jamie, head straight ahead into the dark hall. There will be an open door to your left. This is the staff break room. Inside the staff break room, there is a cabinet. Insider the drawer is a will amendment.
  • Secret 39 – When Jamie enters the maintenance room, it will be very obviously on the table. In fact, you should see it glittering before you even enter the room. This will be an auction receipt.
  • Secret 32 – Continue deeper into the room, past the auction receipt on the table. Hidden behind the work desk will be a construction invoice.

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  • Secret 49 – After Jamie restores power, go into the adjacent room where you can hear singing. Press the bright red button to lift the curtain. Go onto the stage. You’ll see a glittery examine on the left side, but you’ll want to go all the way to the right side. There on the floor is the missing tape for the tape recorder in the room behind us. Jamie will do the rest herself.
  • Secret 18 – When Erin goes to investigate the Silver Ash, go into the room with the desk. On the far side of the room will be a sheet of paper on a desk against the wall. Interact with this first, as interacting with anything in this room will lead to a cutscene that ends your time in the Silver Ash. You’ll get the school memo.
  • Secret 15 – When Charlie and Jamie go to follow the blood trail, turn right at the end of the hall instead of the left. At the end of the hall on the floor will be the FBI Memo.
  • Secret 35 – When you take over Charlie and leave the cage, immediately to the left on a table will be two photos of crime victims. Unmissable.
  • Secret 42 – When exiting the cage as Charlie, turn left. On the counter will be a KD Log Book. Open it, and on the last page you’ll trigger the secret.
  • Secret 41 – When Jesse and Mark fall through the spa’s floor into the sauna room, vault over the lockers. Go into the open room on the left. On the floor will be the resignation letter.
  • Secret 25 – When controlling Mark in the workshop, proceed into the mannequin room after hiding from the killer. There on the left-hand side of the room, on a shelf, is a mannequin head. Interact with it to get the next secret.
  • Secret 3 – Found while controlling Mark in the workshop. After the room with the speaking mannequin, you’ll see this secret immediately on the desk. This is absolutely a secret they wanted you to find. It’s extremely hard to miss.
  • Secret 4 – Right beside where you found Secret 3. This is on the cabinet beside the desk where the FBI ID card was. The picture will be face down. Flip it over and get this secret.
  • Secret 6 – They’re just throwing secrets from us now. While controlling Mark in the workshop, you’ll pass through the room that allowed you to look through the robot’s cameras, and the room where you found the FBI ID card and Training Photo. In the next room, turn left. You’ll find a desk. On top of it is the psychological report.
  • Secret 27 – This one is unmissable. When controlling Jamie, you’ll enter the control room between the walls. Interact with the one-way mirror to the interrogation room and you’ll find Sherman Tape 4. You can’t progress without finding it.
  • Secret 23 – When you control Jamie, and in the company of Erin, in the second-floor corridors, you’ll begin to hear crying. There’s a room where you can see the crying woman. Enter the room beside this one, and there, beside a bunch of ransacked suitcases, will be a book on the floor. Interact with it, and you’ll find J. Morello Sherman’s Book.
  • Secret 5 – As Erin, you’ll enter a bedroom of the writer, beside the room of the crying woman. On the vanity mirror is a newspaper clipping. Interact with it and find the Body Snatching Article.
  • Secret 21 – An unmissable secret. You’ll find this with Kate and Erin in the second corridor, after unlocking the room with the crying woman.
  • Secret 2 – While you’re controlling Charlie after he emerges from the incinerator; he’ll pull back a trolley in order to access the next room. Beneath the police jacket on the floor will be the FBI badge secret.

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  • Secret 7 – When Erin and the rest enter the control room, circle around the floor until you get to a desk with a Police badge on it. It should be just beyond the white board that lists the last known locations of all the crew members.
  • Secret 40 – In the control room with Erin, head up to the next floor. There on the wall you’ll see some sketches of H. H. Holmes. Examine it to get the costume design secret.
  • Secret 38 – Just beyond the sketch of H. H. Holmes on the second floor of the control room will be another voice recording on the desk. Click it to get the secret answerphone tape.
  • Secret 47 – Immediately upon entering the director’s suite as Erin, turn right. On the desk will be a printed out a copy of an e-mail beneath a cup of coffee. This is the Custom Mask Email.
  • Secret 26 – When Erin descends beneath the carousel into the secret passage, you’ll see a newspaper on the desk immediately to the right. This will be the Chicago Killer Newspaper Cutting.
  • Secret 1 – When controlling Mark, you’ll enter the changing rooms. When you’re prompted to finally turn left through a door, you’ll see a mannequin on the ground beneath a window. Beside it is a wedding ring.
  • Secret 9 – While controlling Charlie and in the company of Mark, head up the ladder into the second floor of the building. There, in the first room you’ll enter, is a desk with a locked drawer. Have Charlie use his business card to open it and then inspect the Childhood Medical Record.
  • Secret 16 – Pass through the killer’s weird hanging room and turn left. In this small room, you’ll find a lever to the left, and a desk to the right. On the desk will be a recorder with the APB Broadcast.
  • Secret 11 – While Controlling Charlie and in the company of Mark in the killer’s preservation room, pull back the white medical screen to reveal a vat and a desk. Ignore the vat and head towards the desk to find a clipboard.
  • Secret 44 – While controlling Jamie and in the company of Kate and Erin in the forest, climb up the short rock wall then cross the log. On the ground will be a driver’s license.
  • Secret 45 – Immediately beside the driver’s license will be the theme park photo.
  • Secret 34 – While controlling Jamie in the forest, head across the bridge towards the shed. Find the shed key behind the shed, then enter it. Inside you’ll find a man’s body. This is secret 34.
  • Secret 36 – Found upon reaching the main floor of the lighthouse while playing as Mark. Immediately on the desk upon entrance.
  • Secret 50 – While on the first floor of the lighthouse, look at the cardboard box on the desk. Inside you’ll find Hector’s Degree Certificate.
  • Secret 30 – In the second bedroom on the main floor of the lighthouse, you’ll find a handwritten letter on a dresser. This is the returned letter.
  • Secret 8 – While controlling Erin and Jamie, you’ll enter into the lighthouse kitchen. Secret 8 will be immediately visible on the kitchen table.

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