Where to Find the Nova Galactic Staryard in Starfield

There might be a few issues getting parts from it.

Starfield Nova Galactic Staryard
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While you could go to any Ship Services Technician in Starfield and get a solid array of parts, they aren’t actually selling every ship part in the game. There are certain Technicians in places like the Deimos Staryard and HopeTown that sell parts exclusive to their company. It makes shipbuilding a bit more painful, but it makes sense in terms of what those places would be selling. One such company is Nova Galactic, though their Staryard has just one slight thing blocking you from getting their parts. Here’s where to find the Nova Galactic Staryard in Starfield.

How to Get to the Nova Galactic Staryard in Starfield

The Nova Galactic Staryard can be found in the Sol system, orbiting the moon of Luna around Earth (Luna, of course, being our planet’s moon). Once you fly to the orbit of Luna, you should be able to fly over to the Nova Galactic Staryard and dock with it. From there, you can board it and find the one slight thing blocking you from their parts: everyone is dead.

See, you actually visited this Staryard early on in the Starfield storyline and dealt with the Spacers and Ecliptic forces that took control of the station before the game’s beginning. They’ve been long dead or gone far away from this station, so all you have left here is a pile of rubble. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find specialized ship parts for Nova Galactic.

Where to Buy Nova Galactic Ship Parts

If you’re looking for Nova Galactic’s ship parts, you’ll want to head to Titan, a moon of Saturn, and land at the New Homestead landing zone. Once you land, you should see a Ship Services Technician next to a Trade Authority kiosk. Speak to them, then ask them to view and modify your ships. From there, you should be able to open up the Ship Builder and select things like Habs and Structural parts made by Nova Galactic.

If you’re looking for other specialized parts, check out our guide on all Staryard locations in Starfield.

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