All Staryard Locations in Starfield Listed

Who the hell calls it a Staryard?

Starfield Nikau Ship Services Technician
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As you explore the massive world of Starfield, you’re bound to come across all sorts of sights. Planets are some of the best places to search, seeing as they offer so much space, different terrain, and all sorts of unique creatures to find and handle. However, there are plenty of man-made ships and stations to find out in the world. One type of location is Staryards, which is the same as Shipyards and offers unique perks and vendors. Here are all Staryard locations in Starfield.

Every Staryard You Can Find in Starfield

In total, there are four Staryards that you can find and visit in Starfield. Each is located within its own system and offers something unique for you to find. Each location and its unique traits can be found below:

Deimos Staryard

Starfield Deimos Mission Board and Bounty Clearance Kiosk
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The Deimos Staryard is nestled nicely around the moon of Deimos, which itself orbits Mars in the Sol system. Fly to Deimos’ orbit, then dock with the Staryard to get aboard. In the Deimos Staryard, you can find a mission board and Bounty Clearance kiosk in case you want to get a new mission or pay off your misdeeds. Additionally, you can find Nikau Henderson on the lower floor. He’s the Staryard’s Ship Services Technician and offers ship parts unique to the Deimos lineup.

Stroud-Eklund Staryard

Starfield Stroud-Eklund Ship Services Technician
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The Stroud-Eklund Staryard can be found within the Narion system, orbiting the moon of Dalvik, which itself is orbiting the planet of Deepala. Fly to the moon of Dalvik, then dock with the adjacent Staryard. Within, you’ll find a mission board, the location for the Overdesigned side mission, and the Ship Services Technician named Havershaw. He sells some more exotic ship parts, featuring some nice designs while focusing on larger ship parts designed for Class C ships.

Trident Luxury Lines Staryard

Starfield Trident Luxury Lines Staryard
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To find the Trident Luxury Lines Staryard, you’ll want to make your way over to the Cheyenne system. From there, go to the orbit of Akila and head to the Staryard that way. On the Staryard, you’ll find a mission board and Bounty Clearance kiosk. That’s sadly about it. However, you will have to visit here once in a while when completing Transport missions.

Nova Galactic Staryard

Starfield Nova Galactic Staryard
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The Nova Galactic Staryard is unique in that you had to visit it during one of the early main missions, The Old Neighborhood. It can be found orbiting Luna, the Earth’s moon, in the Sol system. On board is what once was a popular Staryard, though it was cleaned out by Spacer and Ecliptic goons. Now, it’s a shell of itself. If you want Nova Galactic’s parts, you’ll need to head to New Homestead on the moon of Titan instead.

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