All Bounty Clearance Kiosk Locations in Starfield

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You can technically play through all of Starfield without doing anything the megacorps would consider bad, but where’s the fun in doing that? When you have access to the selling of contraband, pickpocketing, and the ability to kill those you don’t like, you may as well take the opportunity. However, this will cause you to accrue a bounty which you might want to pay off. Here are the locations of all Bounty Clearance kiosks in Starfield.

Every Self-Service Bounty Clearance Kiosk in Starfield

With most of the mission boards scattered throughout Starfield, you’ll tend to find a Self-Service Bounty Clearance kiosk nestled next to it. However, there’s one specific case that’ll be heavily dependent on your choice. If you don’t make any yourself (more on that below), you can find seven Bounty Clearance kiosks out in the world.

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New Atlantis Bounty Clearance Kiosk

Starfield Viewport Mission Board
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The first Bounty Clearance kiosk isn’t too hard to spot. After landing in New Atlantis, head down the ramp and through the security checkpoint. On the left, you should spot the Viewport Bar. Head into it, and you’ll find the first kiosk in the back corner of the room.

Neon Bounty Clearance Kiosk

Starfield Neon Mission Board
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The Bounty Clearance kiosk in Neon is a bit of a walk. To get to it, head to the Astral Lounge at the end of the main street, the dead center of the city. As you enter, you should see the kiosk on the right-side wall. You can even head in and party a bit, if you want to dance away the woes of the credits you just lost.

Akila City Bounty Clearance Kiosk

Starfield Akila City Mission Board
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For Akila City, you’ll have to take a slight stroll to get to the Bounty Clearance kiosk. Once you land in the spaceport, head through the main gate and to the Hitching Post bar on your right. Inside, you’ll find the Bounty Clearance kiosk next to the usual mission board. Sounds like the perfect thing to do while drunk.

Cydonia Bounty Clearance Kiosk

Starfield Cydonia Mission Board
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This next Bounty Clearance kiosk can be found easily in the city of Cydonia, on Mars. Head through the airlock and on your first right will be the Broken Spear bar. Immediately left of the entrance is the Bounty Clearance kiosk and a convenient mission board.

The Bounty Clearance Kiosk in Your Outpost

Starfield Outpost Bounty Clearance Kiosk
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If you weren’t aware, you can plant Bounty Clearance kiosks in any of your Outpost. To do so, open up Build Mode and navigate to the Miscellaneous tab. There you’ll find the Self-Service Bounty Clearance kiosk. You’ll need the following resources to build one:

  • 2x Beryllium
  • 2x Zero Wire
  • 4x Aluminum

You can have one Bounty Clearance Kiosk in a single Outpost, and up to eight Outposts at a time, making for eight kiosks scattered around the Starfield world. I even have one in my Outpost, though I totally wouldn’t use it frequently. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Trident Luxury Lines Bounty Clearance Kiosk

Starfield Trident Luxury Lines Bounty Clearance Kiosk
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This Bounty Clearance kiosk is extremely close to Akila City. Orbiting the planet of Akila in the Cheyenne system is the Trident Luxury Lines space station. Once you’re on board, you’ll find the Bounty Clearance kiosk and a mission board to the right of the entryway.

Deimos Bounty Clearance Kiosk

Starfield Deimos Mission Board and Bounty Clearance Kiosk
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For this Bounty Clearance kiosk, you’ll want to make your way over to the Sol system and onto the Deimos shipyard next to the moon of the same name. Once you make your way inside, you shouldn’t have any trouble seeing it.

Hopetown Bounty Clearance Kiosk

Starfield Hopetown Mission Board
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The final Bounty Clearance kiosk can be found in Hopetown (Polvo, in the Valo System). After landing, make your way over to the Pit Stop bar. Once inside, head over to the back left corner where you’ll find a Bounty Clearance kiosk, alongside a mission board.

How Do You Remove a Bounty Using the Kiosk?

The Self-Service Bounty Clearance kiosk allows you to pay off your bounty without the need to travel to a particular system and speak with the security team there. When interacting with it, you’ll be presented with a menu showing all active bounties and their prices, along with a convenience fee for the kiosk. Simply select which ones you want to pay off, and the Credits needed will be deducted from your total Credits. This is going to cost you more than going to places individually, but the convenience can be worth it.

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