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Where to Find the Deck Systems Keycard in Dead Space Remake

Coincidentally, it is on the same deck as the objective.

by Shawn Robinson
Dead Space Remake Chapter 1

Dead Space Remake has its share of secrets you’ll need to uncover to get free stuff. Many of these secrets are for non-vital missions, though not all. A select few are required to progress, but don’t necessarily have a marker directing you straight to them. One such case comes during the middle point of the game and has been throwing people off. Here’s how to get the Deck Systems keycard in Dead Space Remake.

Where is the Deck Systems Keycard in Dead Space Remake?

The Deck Systems keycard objective comes up during Chapter 6: Environmental Hazard as you’re injecting Wheezers with your recently created enzyme. After placing a power brick into a socket and attempting to turn on zero gravity, the screen asks for a Deck Systems keycard. Given that the game doesn’t immediately give an objective towards it, it may be confusing as to where it could be.

Alas, the keycard is quite easy to find. From the power brick and the console, do a 180 and head back towards the room marked East Seedling Room B. Inside will be infested with the Wheezer’s toxins, though the Wheezer isn’t accessible (yet). On a side table, you’ll find the Deck Systems keycard. Simply head back to the console, and you’ll be able to switch power over to activate zero gravity and get to the top floor of the room, proceeding with the objective.

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There aren’t many keycards needed throughout Dead Space Remake, though a few can be rather confusing. Hopefully, with our help, you can now proceed with the rest of Chapter 6 and onward towards the rest of the game. Be sure to come back to the room where you found the keycard when you’re done with the objective. The bench and supplies in that room can be quite helpful later on.

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